Topanga Social will hold a dumpling eating contest in Canoga Park, CA on November 18 awarding $1000 to the winner. Raina Huang will host.
Registration is now open for the St. Elmo Shrimp Cocktail Eating Championship that will be held before the Big Ten football championship game in Indianapolis on December 2.
The Guardian has an article about the popularity of super spicy chili peppers focusing on the PuckerButt Pepper Company, whose new "Pepper X" claimed the record for the pepper with the highest Scoville rating from the Carolina Reaper. "UK Chilli Queen" Shahina Waseem is also interviewed.
Moe's Original BBQ will hold a wing eating contest in Birmingham on November 11 awarding two tickets to the Iron Bowl (Auburn vs. Alabama)
The Jamaican Jerk Festival will hold a beef patty eating contest in Miramar, FL on November 12 awarding $1,000 to the winner.
The Elizabethtown, NC 250th anniversary celebration will hold a burger eating contest on November 11 awarding $250 to the winner.
Tiktok user @ugh_madison has gone viral recently for her videos of extended stays at buffet restaurants. A twelve hour visit to Golden Corral has received over 13 million views. (Youtube | Instagram).
The Port St. Lucie, FL American Little League Fall Festival will hold a hot dog eating contest on November 4 awarding $100 to the winner.
Singaporean food challenger Zermatt Neo attempted a Bar Chee Mee soup challenge weighing 8.5 kg (about 19 pounds).
The new video game "Spiderman 2" is set in New York City. One of the Brooklyn locations features a public appearance for a hot dog eating champion who has eaten 77 hot dogs in 10 minutes.
Ryan Smolkin, founder of Smoke's Poutinerie, passed away at the age of 50 after complications from surgery. His eating contest in Toronto was probably the 3rd biggest MLE event of the 2010s (after Nathan's and the Buffalo Wing Fest). In the 2020s, the competition was converted to a charity event for CEOs.
PT's Tavern will hold a hot wing eating contest in Henderson, NV on November 4 awarding $2500/$1000/$500 to the top 3 finishers.
The Greater Baton Rouge State Fair will hold a hot dog eating contest on November 4 awarding $150/$75/$50.
Tourist Secrets has a long article about the history of Japanese competitive eating that was probably generated by AI. The four Japanese competitive eaters it mentions are: Takeru Kobayashi, Shoudai Yasuda, Miki Sudo and Nao Kodaira.
Empire Slice Pizza in Oklahoma City will hold a pizza eating contest on October 28 awarding $500 to the winner.
Matt Stonie appeared on tonight's episode of "Hell's Kitchen" on Fox. Other celebrity guests included Paula Abdul and Dolph Lundgren.
The Sports Column has an interview with Pat Bertoletti, who says not winning Nathan's Famous hot dog contest is his only regret about his competitive eating career.
Nonna's Pizza in Southington, CT has a 30 inch pizza challenge for two person teams that will award $200 if it is finished in under 20 minutes.
Molly Schuyler ate 42 hot dogs in 10 minutes to win the 1st prize of $1,000 in Saturday's Glizzy Fest at RAR Brewing in Salisbury, MD. She is the only woman to exceed 40 hot dogs in a 10 minute contest in 2023, having previously eaten 53 and 54 this year.
The Hot Diggity Dogs Fest will hold a hot dog eating contest in Pensacola, FL on November 11 awarding $500/$250/$100 to the top three finishers.
Chalkboard Wings & BBQ in Alexandria, VA will hold a wing eating contest on October 22 awarding up to $100.
Banditos in Nottingham, MD will hold a street corn eating contest on October 28 awarding two tickets to UFC 295 in Madison Square Garden.
The BBC has an article about Natalie Beddau's death from choking on marshmallows at a charity competition held at the Beddau rugby club in Wales. The objective of the event was apparently to stuff the most marshmallows in a competitor's most instead of a traditional eating contest.
Sweetwater Marina & Riverdeck in Hammonton, NJ will hold a wing eating contest on October 22 awarding a Jalen Hurts Philadelphia Eagles jersey.
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