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Three random Charlotte eating challenges
1.5 lb. burger The Jesse Mach Burger Cafe CENTRAL Bar Charlotte, NC includes 4 buns and bucket of tater tots
22 oz. burger MEGA burger Broadway John's Restaurant Indian Trail, NC
5 lb. burger Five Pound Burger McHale's on Main Rock Hill, SC includes 2 lb. fries
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Yahoo! has a blog entry about the Charlotte Motor Speedway offering a 6 pound "Speedway Picnic Burger" and a 6.5 pound "Crank Shaft Burrito" during All Star Race weekend May 15-16.
The Carolina Panthers held an ice cream eating contest as part of a "Fuel Up to Play 60" event held at Southside Middle School in Florence, SC. Linebacker Thomas Davis was in attendance (but did not compete).
In My Fat Story on UK TLC, Katie Hopkins intentionally gained weight to attempt to prove that weight loss is mainly a matter of self-discipline. In her attempt to gain 42 pounds, she traveled to an unnamed restaurant in North Carolina to attempt its burger challenge (which appears to be the 40/20 challenge at BT's Burger Joint in Charlotte).
The Sporting News reports that the Charlotte Hornets will serve a giant "Wow Burger" at home games this season for $70+ containing 7 pounds of meat. has a blog entry about the "CLAWlossal Challenge" available at Hickory (NC) Crawdads games. Spectators who finish the meal consisting of a foot-long chili-cheese dog, pub chips, a half-pound burger, a pulled pork sandwich and a corn dog in less than an inning will get it for free.

Ronnie Hartman wins 2014 Nathans’ Charlotte qualifer

update May 30 The Rushville Republican has a contest report

update May 28 Crazy Legs Conti has a contest report for the Huffington Post

update May 26 has an article

Brian Seiken interview Brian Subich about the qualifier in his latest podcast

Rake and Herald has a contest report

Ronnie Hartman (contest | results) and NGuyenCHanh1911 have videos

update Results from George Shea
1) Ronnie Hartman 21
2) Crazy Legs Conti 20.5
3) Brian Subich 20
? Corey Fanguy 15
? Jeremy Sims
? Damien Boykin

1W) Meredith Boxberger 18, highest so far in 2013-14
?) Katie Boykin wife of Damien Boykin

Joey Chestnut’s appearance on WBTV and Ronnie Hartman’s interview on WCCM can be viewed online.

Meredith Boxberger is the only announced female competitor.

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WCCB has an interview with Ronnie Hartman about competitng in Saturday's Nathan's qualifier in Charlotte. Crazy Legs Conti and Damien Boykin are also expected. The article incorrectly says this will be the first Charlotte Nathan's qualifier; Concord Mills was a previous site.  
Rashad Newsom won the Carolina Reaper killer wing challenge held at Whisky River in Charlotte last night to claim a prize of $500.
Whiskey River in Charlotte will award $500 to the winner of The Carolina Reaper Killer Wing Challenge on January 31. The wing sauce will contain the "Carolina Reaper" pepper, certified by Guinness as the world's spiciest.
Taste of Freemore will hold a Dunkin Donuts eating contest in Charlotte, NC on October 5 awarding $250 to the winner. Entrants must produce a video application.
Creative Loafing reports that Dale Boone won an egg roll eating contest and a pho eating contest held during a Vietnamese New Year celebration in Charlotte on Sunday. update Feb 26 thesunnysideup also has a contest report update March 4 Mo has a blog entry about her contest experience.

2012 Nathan’s Charlotte qualifier video

(via comment) Dave “US Male” Goldstein has a video of the last five minutes of the 2012 Nathan’s Charlotte, NC qualifier won by Yasir Salem along with the first five minutes of the post-contest period (with no awards). George Shea has harsh words for Paul Barlow (9:25 mark): “Horrible performance. Stick with the movies.” (Interestingly, in the Andy Troy podcast from March Crazy Legs Conti says he thinks Yasir Salem should be named the 2012 MLE rookie of the year even though he started competing in 2008 (starts at 7:30 mark).)

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2012 Concord Mills qualifier

update June 17 Added results from Paul Barlow’s comment

update Official results
1) Yasir Salem 24 HDB
2) Allen “Shredder” Goldstein 23
3) Kevin “LA Beast” Strahle 19.5
4) “Wild” Bill Myers 13.5
5T) Paul Barlow 12
5T) ? 12
7) Steve “Pi Guy” Martin 11
Dale Corzine 8

1W) Dee Martin 10

A Dale will return to the southern half of the MLE circuit today. has an article about Dale Corzine, who will attempt to compete in the Nathan’s finals after winning a July 4 hot dog eating contest in Rock Hill, SC six years in a row. In addition to previous named entrants, Eric “Steakbellie” Livingston, Yasir Salem, Brian Szontagh, Steve & Dee Martin and “Wild” Bill Myers are also expected to compete in today’s Nathan’s qualifier at Concord Mills at noon eastern time.

Anyone who wants a post-contest tourist activity might want to vist the Charlotte-area sites where The Hunger Games were filmed. The Capitol interiors were filmed at the former Philip Morris cigarette manufacturing plant in Concord, the same town where today’s qualifier is taking place.

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Charlotte Observer has a preview of Saturday's Nathan's qualifier at Concord Mills. Brian Subich (if he does not win the Pittsburgh qualifier), Kevin "LA Beast" Strahle, Allen "The Shredder" Goldstein and "Super" Paul Barlow are expected to compete.
The final new episodes of Man vs. Food: Nation will be televised on April 11: Charlotte, NC at 9 pm eastern and Jackson, MS at 9:30. (It is surprising that the Travel Channel is not making a bigger deal of the series finale.)
A chain of theaters in Asheville, Charlotte, and Raleigh, NC will hold eating contests to benefit local food banks on Thursday night before the premier of The Hunger Games after midnight. has a blog entry estimating the daily caloric consumption of Charlotte Bobcats forward Boris "Dizilla" Diaw. Three sets of analyses (assuming body weights of 245, 285 and 305 pounds) were done. A Boris "Dizilla" poster is available for sale. reports that a Man vs. Food: Nation episode recorded in November will be televised sometime in early summer. (An untelevised Charlotte, NC episode was also recorded in November.)
A wing eating contest at the Charlotte Motor Speedway on October 15 will award a $500 Quaker Steak & Lube gift card to the winner.
In an article on, Brian Subich responds to Crazy Legs Conti's comments in a FoodRepublic post about the Concord Mills qualifier.
Food Republic has a post by Crazy Legs Conti (via comment) about the Concord Mills qualifier in which he compares his career to Shaquille O'Neal's and an interview with Pat Bertoletti. (Conti claims that the second best remunerated IFOCE member received $40,000 which would make the total earnings for the rest of the IFOCE besides Joey Chestnut ($218,000) $332,000 if George Shea's claim of $600K in total compensation is accurate.)
Split Rock Coneys in Rock Hill, SC (south Charlotte area) will hold a hot dog eating contest on July 2 awarding $250 to the winner.

2011 Charlotte Nathan’s qualifier

update Jun 19 The 2nd through 4th place finishers in the 2010 Escondido qualifier will all compete in the 2011 Nathan’s finals.

update 5:35 abadd0nD has a video of the end of the contest.

update 4:05 Official results have been announced.

1) Brian Subich 20
2) Crazy Legs Conti 19.5
1W) Grace Lee 12.5

update 1:32 Grace Lee confirms her victory in the women’s division.

update 1:20 Chad Everett has early results: “Subich wins with 20 HDBs – Grace Lee wins the women’s title with 13”

This will Crazy Legs Conti’s third qualifier of the year so his Nathan’s finals streak will end if he does not win and the three qualifier maximum is enforced.

Brian Subich and Grace Lee are present. Micah “Wing Kong” Collins will not compete.

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The MLE twitter has a list of entrants in tomorrow's Nathan's qualifier at Concord Mills omitting Hall Hunt: "Wing Kong, Crazy Legs, Subich, Boykin, Grace Lee". (Brian Subich announced he would not compete yesterday.) The high tomorrow is expected to be 95, hopefully the contest will be held inside. update Grace Lee's podcast about the contest is available (via eatingcontest) update #2 WCNC also lists Brian Szontagh, Travis Wheeler, Vanessa Lugo and Katie Fisher as expected entrants and Micah "Wing Kong" Collins announces that he is currently lacking transportation south.
Micah "Wing Kong" Collins announced that he intends to compete in Saturday's Nathan's qualifier at Concord Mills in Charlotte, NC. Grace Lee did a radio appearance this morning about that contest.
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