BBC blog on mince pie coverage

(Thanks Berenice Baker) The BBC blog has an entry about whether they should have covered last month’s mince pie eating contest. The entry currently has 19 comments one of which reads:

By covering it, you endorse it? Rubbish. All this worrying and fussing is silly. I have a very hard time indeed believing that, after seeing the piece, any child would think “I know! I’ll try shoving several packs of mince pies in my mouth, too!” Kids aren’t going to get fat because of coverage of mince pie eating competitions. It’s the equivalent of suggesting that, after watching a football match, a fat child will suddenly be inspired to lose all their excess weight and go and play football. If that was the case, all we’d have to do is shove fat children in front of “Sky Sports” and the problem would be solved.

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  1. Philly Guy said

    December 13, 2006 @ 11:09 am

    Best arguement for CE ever!!!!

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