Jim’s Steaks Wall of Fame pictures from Steakbellie


Steakbellie was recently in Jim’s Steaks in Philadelphia and he took some pictures of the Wall of Fame and emailed them. There are apparently just two members of the Wall of Fame. Lynda Kuerth ate 11 cheesesteaks in an hour and a half in 1977 and high school football player Alex Friedman bested that by one sandwich in 2001. The pictures of Alex Friedman are surrounded by receipts for his steaks. The wall has apparently yet to be updated with “Humble” Bob Shoudt’s record breaking 13 cheesesteaks in January. Pictures of the Wall of Fame are available after the jump.

jimssteakslynda1.jpg jimssteakslynda2.jpg jimssteakslynda3.jpg

jimssteaksalex2.jpg jimssteaksalex1.jpg


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