The video game streaming website Twitch has started a "Social Eating" category, but will not allow eating contests on it.


  1. anonymous said

    June 30, 2016 @ 12:43 pm

    Stay tuned Seiken will be making his twitch debut as a Rabbi eating Sabrett non kosher hot dogs this weekend on twitch

  2. Anonymous said

    July 1, 2016 @ 7:22 pm

    Social Eating is solely for content that focuses on you eating a meal while interacting with your live viewing audience. If the focus of your content is gameplay, gaming discussion, or sharing your Creative process, then you should set your channel to the appropriate game directory, Gaming Talk Shows directory, or Twitch Creative directory, respectively. Mixed content, idle broadcasts, broadcasting Social Eating content in other directories, or otherwise miscategorizing your channel is not permitted.

    If you are unsure that your content is fit for broadcasting on Twitch or Social Eating, please review Twitch’s Terms of Service, Rules of Conduct, and the following use cases before doing so.

    Examples of what you can broadcast on Social Eating:
    Taking a break to eat a meal between game play or Twitch Creative sessions.
    Eating a meal with other friends or loved ones.
    Describing or reviewing a meal from a restaurant.
    Eating a meal that you just cooked on Twitch Creative.
    Eating a meal that your viewers ordered for you.
    Hosting a pizza party with your viewers.
    Eating a meal while at an event, when you are unable to do your regular broadcasts.

    Examples of what you cannot broadcast on Social Eating:
    Primarily eating junk food, such as candy, condiments, or energy food.
    Primarily drinking alcoholic beverages, such as taking shots, drinking games, binge drinking, or drinking parties.
    Eating items or food not meant for human consumption, such as pet food, toxic substances, bodily fluids, refuse, or inedible objects.
    Eating foods or in a manner that might inflict harm upon yourself or lead to vomiting.
    Eating food or in a manner intended to disgust, shock, or offend others.
    Food challenges or contests, such as chugging, snorting, or binge/speed eating.
    Food challenges or contests involving the exchange of money, goods, or services, such as eating or shots, for dares or for money.
    Feeding others, such as pets or babies.
    Broadcasting from a moving vehicle, such as traveling to/from a grocery store, market, restaurant, or drive-thru.
    Broadcasting videos or content from other sites while eating, such as browsing video sites/services or social media.

    If you have more questions about Social Eating or if you are unsure about the content you want to broadcast, please feel free to email our team at

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