Molly Schuyler breaks overall DumplingFest record, Jamie McDonald sets men’s mark

update Oct 1 The Village Voice has a blog entry
update Sept 30 Joe Depace has a video
EatingWithZiggy has a blog entry claiming Molly Schuyler was from Tennesseee.
NYC Wanderer flickr gallery

Will Millender has videos of the rounds.

The final women’s heat has concluded, making the female top 3
1) Molly Schuyler 90 (new overall record)
2) Stephanie Torres 66
3) Floria Lee 43 (7 time winner)
4) Andrea Johnson 30

Unofficial Men’s division results:
1) Jamie McDonald 86 (new men’s record)
2) Dave Brunelli 72
3) Pat Bertoletti 71
4) Wayne Algenio 68
5) Joe Menchetti 57
6) Will Millender 46
7) Dimitry Shchupak 42
8) Mike Hoffman 29

Jamie McDonald has broken the men’s record w/86. Joe Menchetti ate 57. (via Wayne Algenio & Will Millender)

Molly Schuyler has broken Dave Brunelli’s overall contest record of 74 set last year with 90. Stephanie Torres, Floria Lee, Jamie McDonald and Joe Menchetti have yet to compete.

Wayne Algenio is now 3rd with 68. Jamie McDonald and Joe Menchetti have yet to compete.

update 1st round men’s results from Wayne Algenio & Will Millender

1) Dave Brunelli 72
2) Pat Bertoletti 71
3) Will Millender 46
4) Dimitry Shchupak 42
5) Mike Hoffman 29

Molly Schuyler has announced she is in New York. If she wins today’s women’s division at the New York City Dumpling Festival, she would break a streak by New York City residents (most wins by Floria Lee) in that competition.

Jamie McDonald and Will Millender have announced they will compete in the men’s division.

update Will Millender says that Pat Bertoletti, Joe Menchetti, Dave Brunelli, Wayne Algenio and Stephanie Torres are also competing.


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