2016 NYC Dumpling Festival

update PitchKnives has a blog entry titled “Dumpling Mama and Girl Power” Kelly Chan has a video

update This is what I think the women’s top 3 is
1) Molly Schuyler 115 (new overall record)
2) Jenn Cheng 60
3) Jennifer Saito 37

Two flip-counters were needed for Molly Schuyler’s total since they only had two digits (similar to Takeru Kobayashi in 2001)

update The men’s competition has concluded. Here is what I think is the top 5
1) Dave Brunelli 89
2) Bob Shoudt 73
3) Joe Menchetti 70
4) Wayne Algenio 69
5) “Ukraine Train” 65

Chef One’s facebook has mini profiles of several of today’s entrants including Molly Schuyler, Dave Brunelli and “The Ukraine Train”.

Molly Schuyler had major travel issues with Delta last night, but mananged to make it to NYC via Boston.

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  1. Anonymous said

    September 25, 2016 @ 8:17 am

    What was Kobays event in ’01?

  2. Anonymous said

    September 25, 2016 @ 10:13 am

    Nathan’s hotdog contest. The previous champ hoped to eat 33. They ran out of counting cards for Kobayashi.

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