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February 17, 2008 link buffet

The Doodle restaurant closes after 58 years

The New York Times has an article about the sudden closing of the Yankee Doodle Coffee Shop in New Haven, Connecticut after 58 years of operation. Several groups have formed to attempt to resurrect the restaurant. Ryan Nerz wrote an article about Tim “Eater X” Janus breaking the record in the restaurant’s famous burger challenge.

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Burger challenges past and future

Brian Seiken reports that Don “Moses” Lerman and “Krazy” Kevin Lipsitz intend to attempt the Black Rock Tavern’s 5 pound burger challenge on April 5. Cookie Jarvis might observe, but does not expect to attempt the megaburger. The Yaphank, NY establishment’s myspace page says that its expected opening date is April 4.

(Thanks Brian Seiken) In a previous burger challenge, did an entry in December about Brian Seiken’s report on the Doodle Burger challenge and Tim Janus’ breaking the record there.

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Eater X & Ryan Nerz eat Doodle burgers

(from megamunch) Ryan Nerz wrote an article for the Yale Alumni Magazine about Tim Janus’ and his attempts to break the Doodle burger record broken by Tim Janus earlier this year.

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Doodle Burger updates online Wall of Fame

The Doodle Burger has updated its online Wall of Fame to list Tim Janus’ breaking his record last month. The Rockford Corner bar has yet to update its web site to list Tim’s performance in chili dogs in February.


The Whaler interviews Eater X

The Whaler has an interview with Eater X, who will attempt to break his Doodle Burger record in New Haven tomorrow before competiting in the ice cream contest on Friday. (The Rockford Corner Bar has yet to update its website with Janus’ record set over two months ago)


Eater X officially makes the Doodle Burger Hall of Fame

The Doodle Burger online Hall of Fame has now been updated with Tim “Eater X” Janus’ result of 33 burgers in 2.5 hours. The page has set Eater X’s home page as


BB on the Doodle Burger record

“Beautiful” Brian Seiken has a new article about Tim Janus’ new Doodle Burger record and Eric “Badlands” Booker’s previous record. Seiken was an eyewitness to Booker’s record and has some pictures and a video clip of that endeavor.

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Eater X reportedly sets Doodle Burger record

Both Brian Seiken and report that Tim “Eater X” Janus has set the record at The Doodle by eating 33 hamburgers in about two hours. The Doodle’s Wall of Fame has yet to be updated to contain Tim’s feat.

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