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Three random Terre Haute eating challenges
48 oz. steak 48 oz. Challenge Sam's Steakhouse Terre Haute, IN
2 lb. burger B.A.B. Scooter's Pub and Eatery Clinton, IN includes 1 lb. fries
28 inch pizza The Don - defunct Jeshua's Pizza Terre Haute, IN restaurant closed, for two person teams
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The Indiana State newspaper reports that associate dean of student engagement and leadership development Brooks Moore is trying to prevent a hot dog eating contest held to benefit the Boys' and Girls' Club from paying out a $500 prize on the basis that an eating competition is gambling, which is prohibited by the campus code. Mike Reedy won the contest by eating three hot dogs in 36 seconds. (Homer Simpson: "Marge, someone squeezed all the life out of these kids. And unless movies and TV have lied to me, it's a crusty, bitter old Dean!")

Isabelle Turell receives free 48 oz. steak


Bodybuilder Isabelle Turell has a picture and brief account of her eating a 48 ounce steak on her blog. She was rewarded with a free meal, a T shirt and a picture on the unnamed restaurant’s wall for finishing the steak in under 20 minutes.

update Isabelle has additional comments on her finishing the steak in a bodybuilding forum thread. She has been banned by the restaurant (which is probably Sam’s Steakhouse in Terre Haute, Indiana) from attempting the challenge again.

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Jessica Beall repeats as Apple Festival pizza champ

Greene County (Indiana) Daily reports that Jessica Beall has repeated as winner of the pizza eating contest held at the Apple Festival. She has won a division of the pizza contest at the Apple Festival for four of the past five years. The year she did not win, she was ineligible due to being an employee of the restaurant sponsoring the pizza contest.

2006 contest report, 2005 contest report


Jessica Beall – pizza teen queen of Indiana

The Daily Citizen has an article about Jessica Beall of Bloomfield Indiana who won a pizza eating contest for high school students. Jessica was the only member of the mostly male field to finish her large pizza under the time limit of 8 minutes. Jessica says her role model is “Mushmouth” Machetti (actually “Mushmouth” Mariano) who competed in pizza eating contests on local Cleveland television in the 1970s (and is mentioned on page 67 of Horsemen of the Esophagus) Jessica hopes to eventually compete in the Nathan’s finals, but she will have to wait until she turns 18 to qualify.

The Daily Citizen also has an article about the 2005 pizza contest. Jessica was ineligible to compete in that because she was an employee of the restaurant sponsoring the contest, but she claims to have won her age category the preceding three years and has also won pizza contests in Cincinatti, Indianapolis and Terre Haute.