July 4 competitors’ twitters

A list of twitters for the competitors in today’s major contests follows after the jump:

Nathan’s Men’s finals: @joeyjaws @deepdisheats @eaterx @MattStonie @Notorious_BOB @seanflashgordon @amo723 (Adrian Morgan) @gluttonforce5 (Tim “Gravy” Brown) @BadlandsBooker @erikdenmark @PrettyBoyEatz @conundrum54 (Micah “Wing Kong” Collins) @ATrain_44 (Aaron Osthoff) @ColemansBandG (Crazy Legs Conti) @yasirsalem

Nathan’s Women’s finals: @cardboardshell @MariaEdible @deepfrieddiva @goofygirl522 (Heather Osthoff) @TheRealDeal1964 (Larell Marie Mele) @EatBeMary (Bowers) @nesliee (Ricasa)

Crif Dog Classic: @FReeKobi0704 @FuriousPete @johnnieexcel @PatFrmMoonachie @anghulk (Brad Sciullo)


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