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Three random Windsor eating challenges
6 lb. cheesesteak Six Pound Cheesesteak Philly Phil's Windsor, ON, Canada
1 lb. burger The Large Marge Big Chief Drive In Wallaceburg, ON, Canada picture in facebook if finished
giant burger Drew Comrie Burger Challenge Mezza Leamington, ON, Canada includes fries, salad, 5 hot wings and 4 large pops
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Jesse Kankula ate 10 hot dogs in 3 minutes to win the first prize of $500 in yesterday's hot dog eating contest in Chatham, Ontario.
Chatham, Ontario will hold a hot dog eating contest Thursday awarding $850 ($500 to the winner). The entry fee is $100.
Lucca in Windsor, ON will hold a meatball eating contest on Sunday awarding a 42 inch TV.
Miki Sudo will appear on Testicular Difficulties, a radio show based in Windsor, Ontario tomorrow at 9 pm eastern.
Brews and Cues in Windsor, Ontario will hold a 100 wing eating contest for two person teams during its Super Bowl party awarding two Playstation 3s and Madden games to the victorious pair.
Brews & Cues in Windor, Ontario will hold a wing eating contest on Sunday for two person teams awarding 2 XBox 360 systems.
A Super Bowl wing eating contest at Brews & Cues in Windsor, Ontario (Detriot area) will award 2 XBox 360s to the first two person team to eat 100.7 wings in under an hour.

Canada vs. USA team 18 lb. burger contest report


The Winsdor Star has a report and gallery on a 18 pound burger contest held on Saturday. Teams of four from the United States and Canada each received a giant sandwich. A follow up article says a team from Canada, called Raw Carnage, won the contest. It is not mentioned if the winning team managed to finish the burger in the 35 minute time limit.


Bi-national big burger benefit

The Windsor, Ontario (Detroit area) Star reports that a burger eating contest will be held on Saturday for teams of 4 eaters from both Canada and the United States to benefit charities. Teams will attempt to eat Bunda’s Big V8 burger from Bubi’s Awesome Eats. The V8 burger has 8 pounds of meat and reportedly weighs 18 pounds in total. has more details about the event.

Bubi’s Awesome Eats has a standing offer of $1,000 to the first person to consume a Bunda’s Big V8 burger along with the bun and 4 of 7 possible toppings in under 90 minutes. Some of the possible topppings include eight tomatoes, 24 ounces of ketchup and 30 ounces of Bubi’s sauce. No diner has succeeded in that challenge in the five years it has been offered. Last month, the restaurant had Canada’s tallest man, 7 foot 7 inch Jerry Sokoloski, attempt the sandwich. He finished about 15% of it. A gallery and video of the attempt are available.