Springfield – Branson / Southwest Missouri eating challenges and contests category

Three random Branson eating challenges
7 lb. burrito Dumb Burrito Tijuana Willie's Mexican Restaurant Branson, MO
5 lb. burger Five Pound Burger Challenge Mister Wings Bolivar, MO at least $200 awarded to first finisher (amount will increase with each failure)
44. oz. steak The "44" Sirloin Montana Mike's Steakhouse Branson, MO also have IL, IN, KS, OK & TX locations
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Mister Wing's in Bolivar, MO has a burger challenge that will award at least $200 to the first finisher. The amount will increase $10 with each failed attempt.
Andrew "A-Bomb" Lane has a blog entry about attempting a 15 egg omelet at The Carriage House in Springfield, Missouri which is billed as the world's largest.