Bad Azz Burrito in Saginaw, TX has a 3 pound burrito challenge with a jackpot prize that will currently pay out over $3000 if it is completed in under 1:35. Both Geoff Esper and Raina Huang failed to win the prize. A female (probably Molly Schuyler) will attempt the challenge on Saturday.


  1. Anonymous said

    October 1, 2021 @ 2:43 pm

    Saggy Booberella tried to get in without an appointment so she was not eligible. People that lie about who the are always get found out.
    What she did to the Denver pizza owner was wrong. She said she wasn’t a pro. So all those contests you did in California were fake? No. You are a lying cheating fraud.

  2. Anonymous said

    October 1, 2021 @ 9:12 pm

    While very blunt, it’s not wrong.

  3. Anonymous said

    October 1, 2021 @ 11:34 pm


  4. Anonymous said

    October 2, 2021 @ 7:10 am

    Joel lied too. He does it to all contests to get under the radar. Didn’t tell him he was a pro at Badazzz and owner was not involved in production. He is the same type of people as Raina.

  5. Dumb and his best friend dumber said

    October 2, 2021 @ 11:45 pm

    No , they are not the same people.
    Joel is a Elete eater and he doesn’t need to be in a relationship. Raina is a average eater and she can’t be alone .

  6. Anonymous said

    October 3, 2021 @ 3:27 pm

    I beg to argue this. Hansen bros and company uses everyone to get places and trips for free. He needs those “friends “ he can benefit from. They were together until he got big enough then dumped her after he used what he needed.

  7. Anonymous said

    October 4, 2021 @ 10:58 pm

    Joel doesn’t use people, and he’s an independent eater so he can go to all the contests that are open, ever heard of google? ive never seen him using fake names like some people.. nothing wrong with competing where you are welcome

  8. Joel Hansen said

    October 5, 2021 @ 2:50 am

    When I did Badazz I told them who I was, gave them a business card, and the girl recorded it, the owner was out of town on vacation at the time. I don’t try to fly under the radar.

  9. Anonymous said

    October 5, 2021 @ 12:29 pm

    Yes you do lmao you lied about being us citizen to join a contest so you can swipe money HAHA

  10. Anonymous said

    October 5, 2021 @ 6:09 pm

    US is the best country in the world. Nothing wrong with saying you live there even though you don’t.

  11. Anonymous said

    October 6, 2021 @ 2:53 pm

    Stop the crossings

  12. Anonymous said

    October 7, 2021 @ 12:47 am

    rules were us citizen only

  13. Anonymous said

    October 7, 2021 @ 2:12 am

    What contest was us only lol

  14. Anonymous said

    October 7, 2021 @ 6:54 pm

    US has all the eating competitions and challenges . Joel is from a well to do Ontario family . It’s not his fault he was born into money and very good looks and a excellent eating capacity and speed . There are other great eaters in England and Canada but they come from poor upbringings and don’t have the means to cross the border . Everything in life at the end of the day comes down to the all mighty dollar .

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