Joey Chestnut appeared on the Drinkin Bros Sports podcast.


  1. Anonymous said

    December 2, 2020 @ 7:39 am

    Maybe Sudo should have done this one.

  2. Anonymous said

    December 2, 2020 @ 10:16 pm

    I wonder how many years into the future it will take for someone to come along and break his hot dog record. I can’t see that being possible in this lifetime or maybe never. The dudes an absolute legend in the world of competitive eating. It’s awesome to be living at the same time as the greatest of all time.

  3. Anonymous said

    December 3, 2020 @ 7:16 am

    I hope one day he and Molly sit down for at least an exhibition match, to finally see how Schuyler would stack up against Chestnut. They could do it as a livestream. I think Molly in her current mode of halfheartedly making food videos for YouTube couldn’t beat Joey, but 500 wings at Wingbowl Molly might be able to. The woman can really push her body when the timer is running and people are cheering and money is on the line. At any rate they’d probably eat at least 150 hotdogs and singlehandedly keep Nathan’s in business…

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