Nova Scotia eating challenges and contests category

Upcoming eating contests
2018 Jul 29Hot Dog Eating Contest Bartown Festival North Sydney, NS, Canada
Three random eating challenges
7 lb. pizza 7 Pound Pizza Challenge Alexandra's Pizza Sydney River, NS, Canada
8 pancakes Pancake Challenge Capitol Pub Middleton, NS, Canada November 2012 only
pounds Burger Challenge Bridgewater Local Public House Bridgewater, NS, Canada
(All Nova Scotia eating challenges and contests in database) has an article about fitness model Joel Hansen being the first person to finish the 6 pound donair challenge at Alexandra's Pizza in Sydney, NS.
Tim "Gravy" Brown appeared on to talk about the start of Smoke's Poutinerie Cross-Canada tour in Nova Scotia.
Registration is now open for Smoke's Poutinerie eating contest in Toronto on October 4. Smoke's will also sponsor a 17 day tour where Pat Bertoletti, Tim Brown and Pete Czerwinski will compete in eating contests across Canada starting in Halfifax, NS on August 5.
A wing eating contest awarding $250 to the winner will be held this weekend at the Dutch Mason Blues Festival in Truro, Nova Scotia.