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Three random Huntington eating challenges
3.5 lb. hot dog Homewrecker Hot Dog Hillbilly Hot Dogs Huntingdon, WV
10 lb. burger Doublewide burger Hillbilly Hot Dogs Huntington, WV also have a 5 pound burger
7 lb. sandwich The Monster C & SandwichesChesapeake, OH
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The owners of Hillbilly Hot Dogs in Huntington, CA will renew their wedding vows in a ceremony on December 12 in Valencia, CA that will feature a "Homewrecker" hot dog eating contest.

Daily Mail caption: “Jamie Oliver is trying the rid”

The British newspaper Daily Mail has an article titled “Welcome to Fatville” about the reaction of Huntington, West Virginia to being featured in Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution series. There are several pictures of the eating challenges offered by Hillbilly Hot Dogs, one having the following caption:

There are targets for Oliver much closer to home; has a report about 6ft 9in, 23-stone (322 lbs.) James “Lurch” Rastrick becoming the first to complete a 5-6 kg (11 – 13.2 pound) kebab in Sheffield.


Herald-Dispatch on Dale Boone in WV

The Herald Dispatch has an article about Dale Boone’s recent trip to West Virginia where he won $1,000 in a pumpkin pie eating contest and and an article about Hillbilly Hot Dogs where Boone set the record for the Homewrecker hot dog challenge.

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Dale Boone sets Hillbilly Homewrecker record

Der Standard of Austria has an article about Jamie Oliver recording an episode of Food Revolution in Huntington, West Virginia, which mentions that Dale Boone now holds the “Homewrecker” hot dog record at Hillbilly Hot Dogs: (Automatically translated by Google)

Just one was here, a young man named Dale Boone, who has broken the record for Schnellmampfen. Three minutes and 45 seconds he needed to cram in the “Home Wrecker” in itself, a hot dog, a foot long and thick as three fingers, covered with onions, peppers, cheese and cabbage, all wrapped in pasty bread. The fifteen-pound hamburger creates as big as the wheel of a small car, not only that they serve only to happy laps. Jamie Oliver? “Good idea,” says Sherry, the waitress. “Unfortunately, he has runtergeputzt us rather than we were clowns.”

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NY Times: Hillbilly Hot Dogs to be on “Food Revolution”


The New York Times Magazine has an article about British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver recording “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” in Huntington, WV for ABC. The episode will include footage of the construction of a 15 pound burger at Hillbilly Hot Dogs. The program will showcase the efforts of Oliver to change the eating habits of Huntington, which the Associated Press claims is the most unhealthy metropolitan area in the United States.


Big Bad Bubba’s Doublewide 10 lb. burger (WV)

The Herald Dispatch announces that Hillbilly Hot Dogs in Huntington, West Virginia has introduced a 10 pound burger called Bubba’s Big Bad Doublewide. The burger costs $31.95 and requires one day’s notice. A video of the burger is also available and has an article with some pictures.

No time limit for getting the burger free is listed, but Hillbilly Hot dogs does have a one pound hot dog, the Homewrecker, which is free if it is eaten in under 12 minutes.

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