Link Buffet: July 18, 2008

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  1. anonymous said

    July 18, 2008 @ 9:54 am

    In the paulisarus challenge, they fail to mention that the two competitive eaters that finished the job were required at the last minute to down a 3liter bottle of coke (per eater). For a stinkin $250 prize this cheap bastard knew that they were getting ready to complete the challenge so he added the extra stipulation towards the end.

  2. Mega Munch said

    July 18, 2008 @ 11:29 am

    Wing Tut says Justin Mih will be competing in the sausage contest in Boston this weekend. Nice to see Justin back at the table.

  3. anonymous said

    July 18, 2008 @ 11:54 am

    Justin Mih is ranked #22 in IFOCE. He last ate in the IFOCE Sweet Corn contest on April 28, 2008. Now we read he is eating in an AICE contest according to the Wing Tut blog. Is Justin Mih a member of AICE or IFOCE?

    Looks like eaters are leaving IFOCE. Skinnyboy Lane and now Justin Mih. Who is next to leave the rankings of IFOCE?

  4. crawfish said (Registered May 24, 2008)

    July 18, 2008 @ 1:12 pm

    WLOCE records page and fanblog are now up.

  5. anonymous said

    July 18, 2008 @ 1:18 pm

    Look the bottom line is these eaters want to be active and ifoce is not providing that. When some of the top names start jumping to other organizations , the ifoce will think twice about snubbing their noses at contests that offer $500 purses

  6. Mega Munch said

    July 18, 2008 @ 1:25 pm

    Shit, I didn’t mean to out him (sorry Justin). I thought he was semi-retired already.

  7. Rhonda Evans said

    July 18, 2008 @ 2:14 pm

    I like and appreciate both the IFOCE and the AICE, as well as independent eaters who eat at contests not sanctioned by either. There are advantages and disadvantages of both orgs.

    I can certainly understand why people leave the IFOCE. Eaters want to eat. They don’t want to be told, “all slots are filled” over and over. Nor do they want to show up and finish way out of the money all the time.

    The IFOCE rewards only the best or up-and-coming eaters. As an eater, if you’re not in the top 20, and don’t have top 10 potential, let’s face it, the IFOCE is likely not the place to be. Of course, that’s just my opinion.

  8. anonymous said

    July 18, 2008 @ 5:28 pm

    Rhonda if someone else was running that show and asked ifoce members to hop aboard, the turnover rate would jump considerably.. Starting a CE organization out of vindictive rage or because they are disgruntled and trying to prove a point to the sheas , is not a very good selling point . Even mid ranked ifoce eaters would not feel comfortable eating at the aice table . If Hall Hunt , Bison, Jarvis or even Super Paul decided to start an eating organizatiion you would find a greater percentage of eaters willing to sign up on the spot

  9. SyKoBOZO said (Registered September 17, 2007)

    July 19, 2008 @ 1:41 am

    hey that video is pretty cool,and the song is pretty cool too – im sure you guys had fun doing it, Have A Nice Day 🙂

  10. Interesting said

    July 19, 2008 @ 7:29 am

    I am sure they had fun and did not get a dime for doing it . Saw the youtube comments. This girl is HOT This guy is HOT. Nobody is hot you are a fool !

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