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If the Dog Bite Challenge held at Fox & Hound locations returns in 2014, it will take place later in the calendar than last year's competition (July 18, 2013).
A video of the Dog Bite finals held in Schaumburg, IL won by Molly Schuyler is available on youtube.
Results of Fox & Hound Dog Bite Finals (via Molly Schuyler) Schaumburg, IL 1) Molly Schuyler 6 lbs. 3 oz. (continues career undefeated streak) 2) Dave Brunelli 3) Eric Dahl 4) Tim "Gravy" Brown update The new poll asks when you think Molly Schuyler's career undefeated streak will end
The finals for the Fox & Hound Dog Bite Challenge will be held tomorrow at Medieval Times in Schaumburg, IL. update The finals will be at the Fox & Hound in Schaumburg.

Unofficial Fox & Hound Dog Bite National results

I have received a list of winners from Jeremy Park for the dog bite eating contests held at Fox & Hound locations on July 18. The top 5 will be competing in the finals in Chicago next month. The top 10 according to that document (this is unofficial):

1) Molly Schuyler – 5 lb. Omaha
2) David Brunelli – 3 lb. 14.4 oz Philadelphia
3) Tim Brown – 3 lb. 12 oz. Chicago
4) Pete Maurizio 3 lb. 9 oz. Pittsburgh
5) Bob Kuhns 3 lb. 6.25 oz. Baton Rouge
6) Eric Dahl 3 lb. 1.25 oz Dallas (alternate #1)
7) Dwayne Stewart 2 lb. 9.6 oz. Albuquerque (alternate #2)
8) Kevin Ambs 2 lb 9.6 oz Philadelphia
9) Kerry Planer 2 lb. 8.8 oz. Tulsa
10) Jared Sims 2 lb. 6.4 oz. Raleigh

Other winners: Wayne Algenio (2 lb. 6.25 oz), Dale Boone (2 lb. 4 oz), Jeremy Park (2 lb. 4 oz), Jacob Larry 2 lb. 5.5 oz), Randy Santel (2 lb. 2 oz), Andrew Skweres (2 lb. 4 oz). Laura Schritt (Colorado Springs) and Pamela Norton (Fort Worth) appears to be the only other female winners besides Molly Schuyler.

I will try to get all winners entered this weekend

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2013 Fox & Hound Dog Bite Challenge

Results from tonight’s Dog Bite (mini corn dog) eating contests will be added to this post. Dale Boone is competing at an Atlanta location.

Molly Schuyler 5 pounds – wins Omaha

Randy Santel (Kansas City?) – 42 oz

Pete Maurizio – 41 oz

Wayne Algenio – 2.62 lb – New Jersey

Mike Longo won the Fredricksburg, VA contest

Mr. Dale (not Boone) won the Crystal City, VA contest

Billy Kerley – Canton, MI

Matt Richards, North Little Rock, AR 1.75 lb

Shane Sullivan, Lake Norman NC

Daniel Morbitzer, uptown Charlotte, NC 33 oz

Joe Peyton, Pineville, NC

Kerry Planer, Tulsa, OK

“Chicago Jay” Arlington, TX

Andrew Skweres Arlingon Heights, IL – 2.18 pounds

Wesley Dingman, Gilbert AZ

Jeremy Sims, Raleigh 2.25 lb

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Registration closes today for Fox & Hound dog bite contest

Registration closes today for the Dog Bite Eating Challenge to be held at Fox & Hound locations on Thursday. Local winners will receive a $500 gift card; the top 5 will compete in Chicago in August for a $1000 first prize. A list of contest sites follows:

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