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2019 Oct 19St. James Hot Wing Eating Contest Pumpkinfest Carleton Place, ON, Canada
Three random Ottawa eating challenges
1 kg+ burrito Big Juan Burrito Borracho Ottawa, ON, Canada
2 burgers Double Mac Daddy Challenge The Wellington Diner Ottawa, ON, Canada includes double breakfast hash
20 pancakes Pancake Challenge The Wellington Diner Ottawa, ON, Canada
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Wild Wing Ottawa will hold a wing eating contest tomorrow awarding a $1000 shopping spree. Molly Schuyler will also attempt to eat 10 double burgers in 10 minutes. update Jun 24 At Fatboys Southern Smokehouse yesterday, Molly ate 2 Tailgator combos (4 pulled pork poutines, 2 BBQ nachos, 4 lbs of wings and 16 sliders) in 23 minutes.
"Furious" Pete Czerwinski will give a talk at Algonquin College in Ottawa on January 20. During the event, he will compete against selected audience members in an eating contest.
Fatboy's Southern Smokehouse in Ottawa, ON will hold a lingerie hot dog eating contest awarding $1,000 in prizes during half time of the Super Bowl on Sunday.
"Furious" Pete Czerwinski ate 7 pounds of pulled pork in 6 minutes at a contest in Ottawa today, which he claims is a world record. Earlier, Pete got a now-banned 9-patty T-Rex burger at a Wendy's. update June 20 has an article has an interview with "Furious" Pete Czerwinski about competing in the Sparks Street Ribfest in Ottawa on June 19.
Fatboys Southern Smokehouse will hold a lingerie hot dog eating contest during half time of the Super Bowl on Sunday awarding gift certificates to Adult Fun Superstore. The winner will be judged on "speed, style, lingerie and crowd applause". Ottawa residents who do not want to wear lingerie can compete for Senators box seats in an Inferno menu eating contest at PJ Quigleys Bar and Grill Sunday.

Celeste, star of Ottawa public access cable

With the biggest Canadian eating contest this weekend, I reposted the start of a blog entry that was originally on the Montreal Expos website in 2002. The blog entry describes a public access cable show on Ottawa cable that starred a woman named Celeste who would eat a large meal during the broadcast. The entry is in all probability a joke, but in the minor chance it was an actual program, I thought I would see if anyone had any additional information about it.

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