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2020 Jun 27Bacon Eating Contest Air Capital Bacon, Bourbon and Brews Park City, KS
Three random Wichita eating challenges
triple burger Triple 6 Million Dollar Burger Bionic Burger Wichita, KS includes large fries
8 lb. burger Little Abner Burger Little Abner's Hutchinson, KS includes 2 lb. fries, also have Little Abner Jr. 3 pound burger challenge
5 lb. sandwich Five Pound Philly Cheesesteak - defunct Fat Tony's Wichita, KS restaurant closed, includes 1 lb. fries
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The National Baseball Congress World Series will hold a hot dog eating contest in Wichita, KS tonight awarding $300 ($150 to the winner).
The Wichita State Office of Diversity held a watermelon eating contest as part of an Asian Market held today. (If the Wichita State mascot is made of wheat and he is eating wheat, doesn't that make him a a cannibal?)
KWCH has a video where Steve Larson, winner of the Andover (KS) Days hot dog eating contest for three years in a row, displays his competitive eating techniques.
The organizer of a Wichita, KS funnel cake contest declared its victor the world champion due to being unable to find any other funnel cake contests on the internet.