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Three random eating challenges
15 hot wings 15 Wing Challenge Parrot's Cay Grand Forks, ND
5 sandwiches Big Ol' Boy Food Challenge Big Erv's Bar & Grill Horace, ND includes 1 lb fries
7 lb. burger Rough Neck Burger Challenge The Glenburne Cafe Glenburn, ND
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The Bacon & Beer Festival will hold a bacon eating contest on March 8 in Fargo, ND awarding $150 to the winner.  Entrants will need to submit a poem to win a contest spot.

Oktoberfest in Fargo, ND will hold a hot dog eating contest on October 13 awarding $300 to the winner.
The Fargo Oktoberfest will hold a hot dog eating contest on October 8 awarding $500 ($300 to the winner).

Rhubarb pie results and video

The events website has a writeup of Saturday’s rhubarb pie contest and a video from the Today show.


Pat Bertoletti wins ND rhubarb pie

(From Minot Daily News) World Rhubarb Pie Eating Competition, North Dakota State Fair
1. Pat Bertoletti, Chicago, 8 pounds, $1500, 2nd pie title (Key Lime) of year
2. Donovan Busta, Denver 2.5 pies, $550
2T. Douglas Plenuk, Butte 2.5 pies $550
4. Mike Crouse, Bismarck, ND $400

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Tim Janus’ summer 2006 plans

The Norwich Bulletin reports that Tim Janus will return to his home state to compete in the Ash Creek Saloon Baby Back Rib-Eating Championship in Fairfield, CT Aug. 13.

This article about an egg roll qualifier for the North Dakota Rhubarb Pie contest says that the 6th (Janus) and 12th (Crazy Legs Conti) ranked eaters might travel west to compete in that event on July 29.

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