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Three random Sioux Falls eating challenges
2 lb. burger Big Daddy Burger The Brig Steakhouse & Lounge Mitchell, SD
12 spicy wings Ghost Chili Wings Blarney's Sports Bar Mitchell, SD
3 pound burger Marlin's Challenge Marlin's Roadhouse Grill Sioux Falls, SD includes a pound of fries, also a Mitchell, SD location
(All Sioux Falls eating challenges and contests in database) reports that Molly Schuyler finished the 28 inch Boss pizza challenge at Boss' Pizza and Chicken by herself in 16:30. The challenge is intended for two person teams.
Molly Schuyler is attempting the 28 inch pizza challenge intended for duos without a partner at Boss' Pizza and Chicken in Sioux Falls, SD. update Molly finished the pizza in 16:03. The only previous successful pair needed 49 minutes.
KCAUTV has an article and video about Molly Schuyler finishing the "Doggie Pile" Challenge in 3:32 at Dog Eat Dog in Sergeant Bluff, IA. The challenge consists of 10 hot dogs with a specialty topping and a pound of chili cheese fries and was Molly's first hot dog eating challenge or contest. (video)

South Dakotan eats 34 burgers in an hour

The Brookings (South Dakota) Register reports that Brandon Brody, a sophomore at South Dakota State, ate 34 hamburgers in an hour at Nick’s Hamburger Shop, breaking the previous record by 10. Brody weighs only 118 pounds, lighter than any male IFOCE eater.

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