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CQLCorp has a list of five business lessons learned from attempt at the Fifth Third burger at a West Michigan Whitecaps game. The final lesson is "Don't eat 5lb burgers". is holding a contest to determine the top "gut buster" menu item available at a minor league ballpark. The West Michigan Whitecaps' Fifth Third Burger and Lake County (OH) Moby Dick Sandwich are two of the 16 choices. (via
A press release announces that the January 22 of Unwrapped on the Food Network will feature the 1.67 pound Fifth Third burger available at West Michigan Whitecaps games.
MLive reports that the Food Network will record a segment about the Fifth Third burger at the Muskegon-Rockford high school football game on Friday. 1939 Fifth Third burgers were sold in 2009 and 1314 were purchased this year. The challenge has been completed successfully a total of 483 times.

Man vs. Food Sept 30 (Baseball Special) episode links

Tonight’s episode is the first episode of Man vs. Food not set in a single metropolitan area; the sites are three minor league baseball stadiums.

Travel Channel: Guide | Slideshow | Video (baseball lesson)

ESPN interview with Adam Richman about tonight’s episode


Darren Rovell has the season statistics on the Fifth Third burger: 1,948 burgers sold, 298 burgers completed and the fastest time is 11:01 by Steve Landis.
MLive has an article and video about Adam Richman's attempt to eat the Fifth Third Burger at last night's West Michigan Whitecaps game. (contains spoiler)
MLive has the details about Adam Richman's appearance at a West Michigan Whitecaps game tomorrow to attempt the Fifth Third Burger for an upcoming episode of Man vs. Food.
OurSportsCentral reports that Adam Richman will attempt the Fifth Third Burger Challenge at the July 15 West Michigan Whitecaps game.
OurSportsCentral has an article about the Fifth Third burger challenge offered by the West Michigan Whitecaps. 915 burgers have been sold, 174 people have attempted the burger challenge and 99 challenge attempts have been successful. The current record is 17 minutes.
MLive reports that 107 Fifth Third burgers were ordered during the West Michigan Whitecaps opening night. 17 out of 32 competitors managed to finish the burger. Steve Landis was the fastest finisher.
A clip from ESPN2's First Take about the Fifth Third burger can be viewed on

PETA allies request warning for Fifth Third Burger

WZZM13 reports that the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has requested that the Fifth Third burger not be sold to anyone under 18 and have the following warning label:

WARNING – Eating meat is associated with increased risk of heart disease, cancer, and death

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine advocates a vegan diet along with a ban on animal testing and has received $1.3 million dollars from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals according to a 2004 Guardian article which states that 95% of PCRM members do not have a medical degree.

MLive reports
that the burger will appear on ESPN’s First Take on April 7.

The T shirt awarded to finishers can be purchased on the West Michigan Whitecaps website.

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Fifth Third burger videos

CNBC has a video clip of Darren Rovell assembling and sampling the Fifth Third burger, which was mailed from Michigan packed in dry ice. The ESPN Sportscenter clip about the sandwich is available on youtube.

update WZZM13 has a video of its traffic reporter attempting to eat the burger during its morning news show.


5/3 lb. burger makes W Michigan Whitecaps menu

(Via twitter > Consumerist > bensbiz ) A 5/3 pound burger has been added to the menu of the Western Michigan Whitecaps for the upcoming baseball season after being tested at a February food fair. The burger is topped with salsa, sour cream, chili and Fritos in addition to more conventional condiments and will cost $20. A T-shirt will reportedly be awarded to someone who completes it without help.

Darren Rovell of CNBC, a former reporter for the ESPN Nathan’s broadcast, named the sandwich his minor league concession item of the year. A listing of approximate nutrional information in his blog entry claims that the burger contains almost 5000 calories and 299 grams of fat.

The burger is not the largest sandwich available at a stadium; Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin offers a 2.5 pound “Curly’s O-Line burger”

update has a video of the burger’s construction and the Yahoo baseball blog has a picture of the T shirt awarded to finishers.

update #2 The ESPN Sportscenter segment about the burger is available on youtube.

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5/3 lb. burger a candidate for W. Michigan ballpark fare

(from BlessYouBoys) The blog for mlive has an entry about the food fair the West Michigan Whitecaps held to test possible new foods for the upcoming season. One of the items was a 5 / 3 pound burger with Spam, sausage gravy, fried eggs and a pickle. The burger’s weight was chosen to promote the holder of the Whitecaps’ stadium naming rights: Fifth Third Bank.

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