Nacho Eating Challenges category has an article about Randy Santel attempting the New Wing Order Mouth Melter Challenge in Memphis, a challenge consisting of three large menu items.
June Lee, a member of the Harvard women's tennis team, reports she ate 6 pounds of nachos served in a helmet at a recent Mets game and received $100 from her managers.
Grace Lee will attempt the new five pound Macho Totcho (tater tot nachos) challenge at the Nook in Atlanta on Saturday.
Sammy Hagar's restaurant, the Cabo Wabo Cantina in Las Vegas, has started the "I can't drive 55" dollar nacho challenge. Diners who complete the eight pound plate without assistance in under 55 minutes will get the nachos and a T-shirt free. (via Sean Gordon)

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Val Bromann has a blog entry about her attempt at two pound of nachos served in a batting helmet at last night's Cubs game.

Nacho Mountains of fact & fiction Tios Mexican Cafe in Ann Arbor, Michigan will hold a “Mount Nacheesmo” eating contest on November 14 in which competitors will try to eat five pounds of nachos in under 45 minutes.

In other nacho news, the IMDB page for Nacho Mountain, which once listed Joey Chestnut as a cast member, reports it will be released on December 18, 2009. Rick the Manager does appear on the current cast list.

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