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The Cell in Manhattan will present a sneak peek of Hot Diggity!, a new musical set at Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest by Jesse Lozano on November 7.
A Life in Reels has a script based on Jim Mullen and the origins story for Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest. (The work would have to be classified as fiction, given that Mortimer Matz, Nathan's Famous promoter in the 1970s and 80s, admitted fabricating the 1916 origins of the competition in a 2010 New York Times interview.)
Director Mike Nichols ("The Graduate") used his acceptance speech at the Tony awards to reminisce about winning a pie eating contest that took place at the same site as the awards ceremony. (Nichols is the father-in-law of ESPN's Rachel Nichols.)
Joe LaRue's monologue about his competitive eating career at trueHunger in Cincinnati November 7 can be viewed on youtube. At the end of the video, Joe announces that he is retiring and has started a hunger charity.
The New York Daily News has an article about Hot Dogs: The Competitive Eating Musical. Characters in the play include Crazy Arms Conway, Venus Flytrap, Eater Q and Miro Atakoshi. has an interview with Kristyn Pomranz and Katherine Steinberg, the writers of Hot Dogs: The Competitive Eating Musical which will hold a staged reading in New York City Monday. One of the play's characters is named Joey Cashew.
Tickets ($10) are on sale for the May 10 staged reading of Hot Dogs: The Competitive Eating Musical at The Red Room in Manhattan. (via Kelly Reeves)
Auditions for "Hot Dogs: The Competitive Eating Musical" will take place in New York City on April 17.

Competitive Eating segment in Louisville play

Liz Gilbert, two time winner of the women’s division in Pete’s Grill pancake eating contest, has graduated from Johns Hopkins and is acting in a play called “Game On” this weekend:

Last fall the playwrights met with the apprentices and talked with them about the play’s sports theme. In those discussions, the writers discovered certain ideas and talents that they incorporated into the piece. For example, actor Elizabeth Gilbert, a two-time pancake-eating champion of Baltimore, inspired a segment about competitive eating. Apprentice Bing Putney’s ability to jump tall objects was included in scenes involving lacrosse players.


Competitive eating themed play to open describes the plot of “Deep Fried Cheese”, a new play to open in San Francisco next month:

Ingersoll-Thorp wrote the play, a comedy about relationships and competitive eating, and also directs it. Kalish stars as a guy whose penchant for entering eating contests doesn’t sit all that well with his girlfriend, who is going vegan.

“I think Tore wrote this play to torture me,” Kalish says. “I eat a bunch of hot dogs really fast, and spaghetti. I also catch Vienna sausages in my mouth and spray Cheez Whiz into my mouth. I wrap an Oreo in salami. It’s pretty intense. Eating hot dogs fast is disgusting.”

But Kalish is quick to point out that amid the spectacle of all this eating is a romantic comedy with a “strong emotional center.”

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