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2019 Jun 26INathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier - women Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Santa Cruz, CA
2019 Jun 26INathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Qualifier - men Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Santa Cruz, CA
Three random San Jose eating challenges
4 ft. burrito Four Foot Burrito Una MasSan Jose, CA
10 spicy wings Ghost Chili Wing Challenge Boulder Creek Brewery and Cafe Boulder Creek, CA french loaf of bread topped with six 1/2 pound burgers, 1 pound of french fries, one pound of crispy fried onions and one pound of "Whiz" sauce, includes 20 oz milkshake
20 inch pizza Belly Buster Pizza Pizza Party Santa Clara, CA
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Iguana's will hold qualifiers for its Burritozilla eating contest in San Jose and Santa Clara on Saturday. The finals on July 18 will award $1350 ($1000 to the winner). The contest is amateur-only (that status is not defined).
Iguana's Tacqueria has posted pictures of two finishers of the Burritozilla in the early 2000s: Joey Chestnut and "mystery hot girl". The San Jose restaurant will hold qualifiers for a Burritozilla eating contest next month.
The Huffington Post and have articles about Matt Stonie's latest video where he finishes the "Burritozilla" from Iguana's Tacqueria in San Jose in under 2 minutes. At the start of his competitive eating career in 2010, he needed 15 minutes to finish the five pound burrito.
Chacho's Taco will hold its second MLE contest in San Jose on August 15.

2014 Dia de Los Muertos taco contest

Official results Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

1 Matt Stonie 101
2 Michelle Lesco 49.5
3 Steve Hendry37
4 Ed Chin 35
5 Dax Swanson 29
6 Steven Banuelos 10
7 Mary Bowers 18.5
8T Jon Davis 14
8T Harold Montes 14
10 Kimani Jones 11
11 Anthony Ware 7.5

Chacho’s has a video from the contest

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Registration is now open on for a taco eating contest at Dia De Los Muertos in San Jose on October 25. The contest will award $1500 ($750 to the winner). reports that DIA San Jose will hold a MLE taco eating in San Jose on October 25.
The San Jose Mercury has preview of the August 16 gyoza eating contest focusing on San Jose residents Joey Chestnut and Matt Stonie.
Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer participated in a company pie eating contest held yesterday in honor of Pi Day.  (picture)
The San Jose Bar & Grill will hold an amateur hot wing eating contest on January 22 awarding $500 to the winner.
Bay of Pines in Monterey, CA will hold an eating contest awarding $250 after 10 people have finished its 20 ounce burger challenge.
Metro Pizza in Santa Clara, CA is holding a pizza eating contest tomorrow awarding $200 to the winner. has a video about Matt Stonie.
Pauly's Famous Franks N Fries in San Jose is offering a groupon for $12.99 that can be redeemed for a Joey Chestnut two foot long hot dog challenge (normal price $25.99).
Groupon is currently selling a coupon that can be redeemed for a five pound Burritozilla at Iguana's in the San Jose area. The cost is $11, a $10 discount from the list price of $21.
Yahoo! News has an article about the Belly Buster challenge available at Pizza Party in Santa Clara, CA. Erik Denmark still holds the record of 12:30, beating Joey Chestnut's time of 17 minutes.
Joey Chestnut will appear at the grand opening of the food rodeo at the Santa Clara County fairgrounds on Saturday.
The facebook for Ike's Sandwich Shop requests extras to appear in a music video to be recorded February 26 in Santa Clara. Joey Chestnut will appear in the video. update Feb 27 A picture from the recording. Joey brought his Nathan's belt.
Joey Chestnut's new restaurant, Blue Water Seafood, opens today in the Willow Glen area of San Jose according to a craigslist posting and facebook comment.
Joey Chestnut announces that his new restaurant, Blue Water Seafood, will open in the Willow Glen area of San Jose in two weeks.
Renee Castro and Kate Bailey saw Joey Chestnut at a company (probably Maxim Integrated) picnic in San Jose today, where he reported ate 37 ribs in two minutes in an eating contest. (picture) has videos of an interview and training session with Joey Chestnut from last night's (San Franscico) Chronicle Live. Joey says that he will be competing in the Hooters finals even though he did not win a qualifier and no byes have been announced. He says that is preferred competition beverage is hot water and that he thinks that Takeru Kobayashi will eventually return to the MLE.
Joey Chestnut will appear on (San Francisco) Chronicle Live on Comcast SportsNet Bay Area tonight at 8 pm Pacific.
Joey Chestnut will serve as a celebrity scooper at the San Jose Earthquake's A&W Root Beer Float Night on Saturday from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. The event is being held to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. (The Hooters Sacramento qualifier is expected to start at 6pm, so Joey Chestnut would not be able to make an unpublicized appearance at that contest.)
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