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Three random eating challenges
3.5 burrito Burrito Challenge Nacho Mamma's Bristol, RI
2 lb. burger Mt. Everest Burger Mews Tavern Wakefield, RI served on a loaf of Italian bread, includes fries and 4 pickles
meatballs Meatball Record Meatball Mike's Cranston, RI held Saturdays, $15.99 entry fee
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99 Restaurant in Cranston, RI will hold a wing eating contest for amateurs on November 3 awarding $500 to the winner.
The Dragon Boat Races & Festival will hold a dumpling eating contest in Pawtucket, RI Saturday awarding a trip to Taipei, Taiwan.
Arooga's in Warwick, RI will hold a wing eating contest Thursday awarding $250 to the winner.
The Rhode Island Chinese Dragon Boat Races will hold a dumpling eating contest in Pawtucket, RI on September 3 awarding a round trip to Taiwan.
The Rhode Island Chinese Dragon Boat Races will hold a dumpling eating contest on September 5 awarding plane tickets to Taiwan.
Nela Zisser is not the only pageant winner with competitive eating credentials. New Miss Rhode Island Alexandra Curtis won a wing eating contest when she was at Syracuse University. According to a 2012 interview, she was wearing a Hilary Clinton Halloween costume when she won the competition.
Olneyville New York System will hold a hot weiner eating contest in Cranston, RI on April 19 awarding $500 to the winner.
The Chinese Dragon Boat Races in Pawtucket, RI will hold a dumpling eating contest on September 6 awarding a trip to Taipei, Taiwan.
Joe Menchetti ate 21 clam cakes in 10 minutes to win yesterday's eating contest at the Blount Clam Shack in Warren, RI. Peter Lemoi was the runner-up with 18.
The Dean's List in Pawtucket, RI will hold an amateur hot dog eating contest Sunday awarding $500 to the winner.  
The Rhode Island Chinese Dragon Boat Races will hold a dumpling eating contest on September 7 awarding a round trip ticket on China Air from Boston, MA to Taiwan.

Hurricane Irene cancellations

The following eating contests have been cancelled or postponed due to Hurricane Irene:

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Big eater wanted for Providence, RI TV show

A national cable network has emailed the following casting notice:


Do you have what it takes to chow down on National Television!? If you live near Providence RI and you’ve got BIG personality and a BIGGER appetite WE WANT YOU!
A well known show that pits every day Joe’s against big eating challenges needs folks who are over 18, and live near Providence, contact us via E-mail dlaven@gmail.com
Send us a video telling us who you are, what you do, your eating history, and why you want to take on our eating challenges! Please include in the email your contact information, and a photo.”

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The Great Chowder Cook-off in Newport, RI on June 4 will hold a crabcake eating contest that might award $1000. (Sentence is unclear, prize might be for cook-off winner.)
ProJo.com reports that Rick's Roadhouse in Providence, RI will hold a wing eating contest on April 30 awarding $500 to the winner. Qualify by eating 6 Wings from Hell before April 16.
A craiglist posting announces an August 1 hot dog eating contest in Providence, Rhode Island with a first prize of $1000 at an unspecified location. The entry fee is $100.
Saosin is having a hot dog eating contest tonight at Spike's Junkyard Dogs in Providence.

RI pumpkin farm received $10K for US vs. Japan contest

Bloomberg.com has an article about competitive pumpkin growing which says that the Wallace pumpkin farm in Rhode Island received $10,000 from a Japanese game show for hosting a pumpkin eating contest.


Link Buffet: September 4, 2008

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Link Buffet: August 4, 2008

  • Another review of the MLE video game
  • Article mentioning Samantha Brown’s participation in the Italian sausage eating contest
  • Ravioli contest in Providence Saturday
  • A Taste of Hamburg (PA) eating contest August 30
  • A possible European contest for “Furious” Pete: Pourcailhade La Fête du Cochon (PigFest) in Trie-sur-Baïse, France will have a boudin sausage eating contest on August 10


Canady/Menchetti ticket wins Rhode Island

The Kent County Times has an article about the pumpkin contest in Rhode Island between mixed gender pairs from the United States and Japan which describes the origin of the event:

Emi Umeda, who works with the production crew, said the name of the show translates to “Anything is possible,” and she said the point of the show is to take a topic, find who’s best in the world at it and challenge them to a contest against Japan.

One of the topics is a pumpkin-eating contest, she said, which will pit two professional American eaters against two professional Japanese eaters, making their way through five different pumpkin dishes.

In order to get started, the show wanted to find who held the record for growing the largest pumpkin in the world, which happened to be Coventry resident Ron Wallace, who owns a farm at 860 Plainfield Pike.

The American female made her competitive debut according to the article:

The Japanese contestants are Tomoko Miyake and Nobuyuki Shirota and the American contestants are “Gentleman” Joe Menchetti of Wallingford, Conn., and Elizabeth “Rubber Gut” Kennedy from Florida.

“This is my first time doing this,” Kennedy said. “I made some inquiries on the Internet just out of curiosity and interest and they gave me a call.”

The article verifies reports of a US victory:

Since it may be difficult for American viewers to tune into the show to see the results, St. Jean said the American team ended up easily outpacing the team from Japan.

update BigPumpkins.com has some pictures of the contest (bottom of page) One of the pictures is captioned:

At the Wallaces on August 21, 2007, Gentleman Joe, urges his teamate to down more Pumpkin Lobster and Pumpkin pizza. She ate an entire Large Pumpkin Pizza and 2 lb Pumpkin Lobster in 3 minutes. But that was just the appetizer.

update #2 The BigPumpkins.com message board has some threads about the contest: Thread 1, Thread 2, Thread 3

update #3 Dec 26, 2007 The quoted article spelled Elizabeth’s last name incorrectly. The correct spelling is Canady.

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AICE news reports US duo wins 4 of 5 RI pumpkin contests

From AICE news:

As predicted by Chairman Chowhound Chapman, Gentleman Joe Menchetti and Elizabeth “Rubber-Gut” Cassidy defeated the great Shirota and Miyake in decisive fashion at the Wallace Pumpkin Farm in Rhode Island. It seems that Gentleman Joe Menchetti who cannot be beaten by man or beast in the pumpkin disciplines and the unknown “Queen Guttress” (stay tuned America, you will be finding out more about this amazing female Eater in the near future) put down the proverbial hammer as they won four of the five contests.

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Pumpkin contest between Shirota/Tomoko and GJoe / “Rubber Gut”

AICE news reports that a multiple round, tag team eating contest between two person mixed gender teams from the United States and Japan will take place at Ron Wallace’s pumpkin farm in Greene, Rhode Island on August 21. The food will be a variety of pumpkin based dishes. Nobuyuki “the Giant” Shirota and Tomoko “Esute” Miyake will represent the Japanese, while the home team will consist of “Gentleman” Joe Menchetti and Elizabeth “Rubber Gut” Cassidy. Ms. Cassidy was predicted to come in fourth at May’s AICE rib contest in Kansas City, but no results for her from that event were listed and I have not been able to find any other competitive eating information about her on the internet.

In his blog, Shirota reports that he will be going abroad next week, but does not provide further details (automatically translated):

By the way next week, almost it is the foreign country.

There is no sight-seeing, is.

Today, because carrying which can be used even in the foreign country was rented, when perhaps it does

Perhaps, it renews [burogu] from the foreign country, perhaps, but it does not do.

AICE news also reports that Joel “the Cannon” Podelsky won the knish eating contest held on the Coney Island Cyclones Jewish Heritage Night.

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Providence Rhode Island hot dog challenge

(from Laura’s livejournal) While there has been a lot of attempts the Rockford Corner Bar chili dog challenge, there is another hot dog challenge in the northeast with a more modest all time record. All Spike’s Junkyard Dogs have a hot dog Wall of Fame Eating 6 hot dogs is required to get your picture on the wall and a T Shirt. The highest total on a Wall of Fame is 17 at the Thayer Street location in Providence. Eating 18 hot dogs or more will result in the restaurant picking up the tab according to this metafilter comment.

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