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Upcoming Seattle eating contests
2019 Mar 2Mussel Eating Competition Penn Cove Musselfest Coupeville, WA
2019 Mar 3Mussel Eating Competition Penn Cove Musselfest Coupeville, WA
Three random Seattle eating challenges
big bowl Super Pho Bowl Challenge Dong Thap Noodles Seattle, WA reserveation required, only available Mon Wed Thurs
4 patty burger Dock Burger Challenge Port Orchard Public Market Port Orchard, WA includes 1 lb fries, onion rings & 32 oz. drink
28 inch pizza 28 inch pizza Talarico's Seattle, WA 21+ only, does not appear to be any prizes associated w/pizza
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The Fisherman's Fall Festival will hold a lutefisk eating contest in Seattle on September 15 awarding $300/$150/$50.
Takeru Kobayashi appeared on New Day Seattle Thursday to promote his appearance at today's Sabroso Taco Festival in Auburn, WA. He will appear in Portland, OR tomorrow. (youtube video)
Katie Prettyman posted a video of her runner-up finish at Mazatlan in Everett, WA last night where she ate 27 tacos in 30 minutes. She has a website at documenting her competitive eating career and other food-related topics.
Takeru Kobayashi will do a taco eating challenge at tomorrow's Denver-area Sabroso Taco Festival. He will also do challenges in Auburn, WA on May 12 and Portland, OR on May 13.
Cooper's Alehouse in Seattle will hold a Peeps eating contest on March 31 awarding $250 to the winner.
Sarah "Unstoppable Bab" Reinecke announces she won a mashed potato eating contest after running in the Green Lake Gobble road race in Seattle dressed as an inflatable pumpkin.
The Fisherman's Fall Festival in Seattle will hold a lutefisk eating contest Saturday awarding $300/$150/$50
Redmond (WA) Reporter has a story about 14 year old Moiz Chawdhary, who learned the Heimlich Maneuver and then performed the technique on one of his sister's friends after she started choking in a home grape eating contest.
The Seattle Times has a report on four attempts at the Dong Thap Noodles Pho Challenge, which will award $1000 $100 to someone who can finish it in under 90 minutes.
Masa in Tacoma will hold a 6 pound burrito eating contest tomorrow awarding $300 to the winner.
Nate Isles received the most votes (4) as the biggest eater on the Seattle Seahawks in a survey of 11 team members. (via Derek Deis)
The Fishermen's Fall Festival will hold a lutefisk eating contest in Seattle on October 4 awarding $500 ($300 to the winner). has an article about the goal of Max Carnage of the Portland Big Eaters Club to attempt four Seattle area burger challenges on Saturday weighing a total of 16 pounds.
Masa in Tacoma will hold a 6 pound burrito eating contest on May 5 awarding $300 to the winner.
Huffington Post has a video of a contest between competitive eaters representing Colorado and Washington to predict the Super Bowl overseen by Richard Shea and Crazy Legs Conti.
Slims Last Chance Saloon in Seattle announces it will hold a pepper eating contest later today that will be recorded for an upcoming episode of Stan Lee's Superhumans. has an article about Vic's Pizza in Olympia, WA mentioning Max Carnage recent attempt at the pizza challenge there.
Max Carnage of the Big Eaters Club will be attempting the Mega Pizza Challenge today at Vic's Pizzeria in Olympia, WA as part of a canned food drive. Diners who bring in two cans of food during the challenge attempt from 5pm - 8pm will receive a $2 discount.
Masa in Tacoma will hold a 6 pound burrito contest on May 5 awarding $300 to the winner. Randy Santel is expected to defend his title.
Azteca in Lynnwood, WA is holding a drawing on February 2 awarding a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to someone who has attempted its 7 pound Super Macho Burrito.
Azteca in Lynnwood, WA will hold a burrito eating contest on Friday awarding two tickets to the Seattle Seahawks regular season finale on December 30.
Randy Santel finishing the 72 ounce steak at Wedgewood Broiler for the first time in the 47 year history of the challenge was one of Seattle Weekly's five food stories of 2012 that will matter in 2022.
Klipsun Magazine has an article about Erik "The Red" Denmark focusing on his training techniques. He says he incurred a $5,000 credit card bill for competitive eating related travel in 2006 which took five years to pay off.
Lynnwood Azteca in Lynnwood Azteca will hold a drawing awarding a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for finishers of its 7 pound burrito challenge on Feburary 2, 2013.
The competitive eating card game Guts of Glory will debut at the PAX Prime conference in Seattle. will apparently be used to fund the project.
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