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Upcoming eating contests
($200)2018 Apr 26 Oyster Eating Contest Oysterfest @ Milwaukee Public Market Milwaukee, WI
$100 2018 May 5Chili Pepper Eating Contest El Conquistador News Milwaukee, WI
2018 Jul 6Pie Eating Contest Stoughton Fair Stoughton, WI
Three random eating challenges
3 lb. burger Milwaukee Burger Challenge Milwaukee Burger Company Eau Claire, WI also a Wausau location
12 egg rolls The Deadly Dozen Eggrolls Inc Appleton, WI
1 lb. burger Galley Buster Anchor Bar Superior, WI
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The Milwaukee WingFest will hold a wing eating contest on Sunday awarding $200 to the winner. The runner up will receive $100.
The bratwurst eating contest that was to have been held at Brat Days in Sheboygan, WI on August 5 has been cancelled due to low registration. The contest was televised on ESPN in 2006.
Molly Schuyler will attempt to eat 220 ounces of prime rib at Ward's House of Prime in Milwaukee tonight. The official final total was 360 oz (22.5 pounds) update #2 WISN.com has a segment which says that Molly Schuyler will appear on an upcoming episode of the Gong Show on ABC.
The Milwaukee Taco Fest will hold an eating contest on June 4 awarding $200/$100/$50.
Yesterday, former Detroit Lions head coach Steve Mariucci talked about how Andy Reid finished a 40 ounce steak challenge at Prime Quarter in 19 minutes while they were Green Bay Packers assistant coaches. (Mariucci needed 30 minutes) (Wall of Fame picture). In January, The Onion wrote an article titled ("Andy Reid Furious At Self For Poor Clock Management At End Of 72-Oz. Steak Challenge").
Spaces are still available in the eating contest at Sheboygan Brat Days on Saturday. The winner will receive $500.
CFO.com has an article about Kurt Schmidt, who ate a 240 ounce prime rib at Black Otter Supper Club in Milwaukee in 2 and a half hours. He appeared on the Travel Channel progam "Big Beef Paradise".
The Summer Soulstice in Milwaukee will hold an egg roll eating contest on June 25 awarding $1500 to the top male and female. The competition is for amateurs only.
Oktoberfest in Milwaukee will hold a brat eating contest on October 10 awarding $200 to the winner.
Teddy Delacruz ate 21 sausages in 10 minutes to win today's eating contest at Sheboygan Brat Days. Sheboygan Press gallery update The Sheboygan Press has an article by a competitor and gallery.
Kenosha News reports that Teddy Delacruz ate the "Towering Turret" burger in 25:49 at Mars Cheese Castle in Kenosha, WI yesterday to win a contest.
Mars Cheese Castle in Kenosha, WI will hold an eating contest on June 20 to launch its "Towering Turret" burger challenge awarding $225 ($100 to the winner).
Ethan Teske and Mitch Dombrowski appeared on Good Day Wisconsin yesterday.
University of Wisconsin basketball player Nigel Hayes competed in a cheesecake eating contest for United Cerebral Palsy of Dane County last month. (via Q106)
Teddy Delacruz ate 7 sandwiches in 8 minutes to win this afternoon's corned beef eating contest in Milwaukee.
Christian Ucles says he waited in line during halftime and most of the third quarter of yesterday's Greeen Bay Packers game, only to be told that they were no longer available when he ordered. Stacey Dales and Mike Silver attempted the burger on the NFL network. Flashback: 2003 article about Stacey Dale's appetite when she was a WNBA player.
The Green Bay Packers will offer a 3.5 pound "Big Game Burger" (1.5 pounds of meat) for $20 at Sunday's playoff game vs. the Dallas Cowboys.
Complex.com has a report on attempt at the 2 foot long "Horse Collar" kielbasa available at Green Bay Packers home games.
Jason Buttke, winner of Saturday's eating contest at the Madison Bacon Fest, has started a facebook page, youtube channel and twitter about his Wisconsin eating challenges and contests.

Molly Schuyler repeats as Ian’s Pizza champion

update Oct 14 Madison.com has a blog entry

update Oct 13 WKow has a news video

update Chris Norris has a video

The top 5 for today’s contest at Ian’s Pizza in Madison, WI Part 1 | Part 2

1) Molly Schuyler 14 8.5 oz slices in 10 minutes, defends title
2) Dave Brunelli 11.2
3) Tom Gilbert 9.75
4) Spencer Fricke 8.5
5) Stephanie Torres 7

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A press release announces the field for Ian's Pizza National Pizza Eating Championship in Madison, WI October 11: defending champion Molly Schuyler, Dave Brunelli, Stephanie Torres and Tom Gilbert.
Pat Bertoletti will offer advices to participants in eating contests at Cheese-A-Palooza in Kenosha, WI on Saturday.
On Milwaukee has an article about Molly Schuyler, who recently ate 162 sushi pieces to win a contest in New York City, which was probably for the "Battle of the Big Eaters" contest produced for Japanese TV.
Haymaker's Bar & Grill in Bloomer, Wisconsin will hold a hot wing eating contest on April 19 awarding a trip to Las Vegas.
Jake's Deli in Milwaukee has started a five pound corned beef sandwich eating challenge named "The Gravedigger" in honor of former Green Bay Packers defensive lineman Gilbert Brown. (via jrn.com)
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