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zskyrme has a video of a death in a hot dog eating contest in the The Sims 3 Seasons. Competitive eating fatalities appear to occur at a high frequency in the video game.
The SimsVIP twitter has a screen capture of a hot dog eating contest from The Sims video game.
The Verge reports that there will be a pie eating contest in The Sims 3 Seasons. The contest appears at the 31 second mark of the trailer.
Epic Meal Time has produced a game app. TouchArchade has a review. has an article about Bob Shoudt's likeness being used in the recently released Major League Eating app. Joey Chestnut does not appear in a LaughingSquid blog entry about the app, so he might have been removed from the 2008 Wii game the app is based on. GameSpot has pictures of all the eaters appearing in the Wii game.

MLE game iPhone / iPad app available

update June 7 Bob Shoudt is another new character. Joey Chestnut implies that he was omitted.

The MLE facebook announces an app for iPhone / iPad is available on itunes. The app appears to be a port of the Wii game developed by Mastiff released in 2008. The listed competitors in the app are Tim Janus, Sonya Thomas, Crazy Legs Conti and Tim Brown, who was not in the Wii game.

Competitors in the Wii game were Pat Bertoletti, Joey Chestnut, Crazy Legs Conti, Erik Denmark, Tim Janus, El Toro Jimenez, Takeru Kobayashi, Juliet Lee, Rich LeFevre and Sonya Thomas. (Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3) It would not be surprising if Kobayashi, Jimenez and LeFevre were removed from the app. (Interestingly, Joey Chestnut does not appear in the list of competitors or the screen captures.)

A burping contest awarding $500 will be held at Hudson Station in New York City on Friday to promote the game. (via Naader Reda)

update Pete Davekos is another one of the new eaters

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A press release announces that Takeru Kobayashi will partner with Large Animal Games to promote the Nomsters mobile video game. When 100 million virtual fruit items have been collected in the game, Takeru Kobayashi will attempt an eating challenge in New York City. update The Kickstarter page for the project needs to raise over $18,000 by June 6.
(semi off-topic) A giant Pac-Man mosaic was created by AC Milan fans holding up colored cards in yesterday's Champions League match versus Barcelona. The mosaic was captioned "Mangiamoli!" ("Let's eat them!") and the ghost Pac-Man was chasing had Barcelona colors.
Pixiusoft has a hot dog eating contest game app for the iPhone / iPad which is now free.
Naader Reda has produced a video of him and Matt Cohen attempting the 30 inch pizza challenge at Luigi's in San Diego while dressed as characters from the Super Mario Brothers video games.
The Wii game based on Major League Eating appears in OCWeeklys top 10 list of videogames based on food.
Mickey Duzyj has produced "A Patriot's Guide to the Hot Dog Eating Contest" with graphics inspired by the 1980s video game Mike Tyson's Punch Out.
A competitive eating game iPhone / iPod app is available at
In honor or 420 day, the blog for G4 TV has a list of the top five food-related video games.
Appstruck has a review of the iPhone game iChowdown, in which players feed "Mr. Dumb" items from a $5 all you can eat buffet.
Rosco has set up an online quiz game on the nicknames of the current IFOCE top 50.
A competitive eating game called Get In My Belly has been released for the IPhone & IPod Touch.
A free competitive eating game called Hot Dog Eater is available for IPhone / IPod users.
Nobuyuki "the Giant" Shirota has a blog entry about the Japanese version of the Major League Eating game, which is now mentioned on
The video game Rhythm Heaven has a competitive eating mini-game

Web page for Japanese MLE Game

A web page has been set up for the Japanese version of the Major League Eating video game at The list of characters confirms that Rich LeFevre and Juliet Lee have been replaced by Nobuyuki “The Giant” Shirota and Hatsuyo “The Witch” Sugawara. The foods will remain the same, with Nathan’s hot dogs and Krystal burgers as two of the available items. The game will be released tomorrow.


Japanese MLE Wii game to be released March 24 reports that the Japanese version of the Major League Eating video game for the Nintendo Wii will be released on March 24 and the price will be 900 yen. Nobuyuki “the Giant” Shirota and Hatsuyo “the Witch” Sugawara are the new characters, apparently replacing Rich LeFevre and Juliet Lee. The game was first announced in August and the original release date was October 14, 2008.

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Guide to unlocking MLE video game characters has a guide on how characters in the Major League Eating video game become available.

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E:60 reporter roundtable extended version

The video clip of the roundtable meeting of E:60 reporters and producers on is considerably longer (8:37) than the segment that was televised. The meeting consists mainly of a discussion on whether competitive eating is a sport. Jeremey Schaap cites competitive eating on the Versus network (which has never televised eating contests, as far as I am aware) as evidence of its popularity. He also says he has never seen such passion as he saw at last month’s cannoli contest and was genuinely moved by Brad Sciullo’s crying at the end of that competition.

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Japanese MLE game delayed

According to the comments in an R Suzuki blog entry, the Japanese version of the Major League Eating Wiiware game was not released on the announced date of October 14 and no official new release date has been made public. The game does not appear in the list of Japanese WiiWare titles on Wikipedia.


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