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Gluttonous Queen 2008 recorded in Hawaii

The Hawaii Waikiki livespace has some pictures from the recording of this year’s edition of “Gluttonous Queen”. Like last year, the final contest took place in a Waikiki shopping mall. The contest will be televised on March 30. Results were not disclosed in the blog entry.

AsianInfatuation has 4 pictures with the caption:

Thanks to my viewers, I now know who this woman is! And I’ve done research to know that it is her for sure. She was at the Waikiki Shopping Plaza today, 3/2 and was mobbed by the Japanese tourists who happened to be in the area.

Her bodyguards and security could barely keep up- but the good thing is the Japanese are very gracious and were very respectful of her.

Having done research, it is noted that has earned her fame through eating contests of all things… and that makes sense, as there was an eating contest today at the Waikiki Shopping plaza.

See also Princess Nao,Travel Donkey

StarBulletin.com has a captioned picture which reveals the identity of two of the finalists.

Gal Sone’s blog
has no entries between February 27 and March 5. Tomoko Miyake did not make the finals because she was at an event in Nagoya with Nobuyuki Shirota.

A weekly eating contest with a first prize of $100 is held on Saturday evening at the Waikiki Shopping Plaza.

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Honolulu corned beef musubi eating news video

A news video of the corned beef musubi eating contest held in Honolulu on Saint Patrick’s Day weekend can be viewed at http://youtube.com/watch?v=4g8CORKrIb8 Kale Long won the contest and set a record by eating 9 musubis in 5

update starbulletin.com has some captioned pictures of the contest

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“Gluttonous Queen 2007” being recorded in Hawaii

A Japanese blogger is currently on vacation in Hawaii, and s/he saw a television crew recording Natsuko “Gal” Sone competing in the “Gluttonous Queen” contest on Waikiki Beach. The contest will be televised later this month or in April. It is too bad that apparently no American women were invited to compete.

Exactly recording the gluttonous king decisive game being done at the Waikiki beach, it increased.

The gal 曽 root it was.

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March independent contests

A 4 person team wing eating contest will take place in Chicago. Finals will be March 31 at Cans Bar & Canteen and qualifiers will be held throughout March. The team entrance fee is $25 and the registration deadline is March 11. First prize is $500.

A corned beef Musubi eating contest will be held in Honolulu on St. Patrick’s Day. First place is $1000. The contest page says the registration deadline has passed, but this starbulletin.com article says entries are still being accepted.

See the side bar for more contests.

updated corned beef prize fixed, thanks GJoe

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