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(From Alex Thomas email) Richmond, VA area Buffalo Wild Wings will host wing eating qualifiers on August 1, 8, 15 & 22. Winners of the qualifiers will receive $250 and will be able to compete in the finals on August 29 that will award $1000 to the winner.
A wing eating contest at The Triple in Richmond, VA Saturday will award $200 to the winner.
The Hungry Sisters have posted a report on their trip to Kings Dominion for the funnel cake contest.

HungrySisters: Joey Chestnut wins KD funnel cake in OT

update has a contest report and LakeCharlesGuy has a video of the eat-off

1:53 Results from Hungry Sisters: 4th place, $500: hall hunt,3rd: $1000: humble bob, 2nd:$1500 pat b. 1st: $2000 joey chestnut 1.45 lbs in 2 min eat off

1:43 a two minute overtime will be held between Joey and Pat

update 1:40 pm Hungry Sisters daytripped from NC to VA and report that the IFOCE funnel cake record has been broken, but have yet to post the winner

Comments (6) reports that 5 of the IFOCE's top 7 ranked members will compete in the funnel cake eating contest to be held at Kings Dominion on Saturday: Joey, Pat B, Humble Bob, Sonya and Hall "Allujah"

IFOCE clam contest & 2nd funnel cake contest announced has details on three upcoming events:

  • May 23 – Funnel Cake Eating contest at Kings Dominion amusement park in Virginia, registration opens April 28
  • May 30 – turkey pretzel club sandwiches at Mallie’s Sports Bar in Southgate, Michigan the food has been changed from calamari, registration opens April 29
  • date unlisted – clams at Peter’s Clam Bar in Island Park, NY, registration opens April 30

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VCU Moonpie Madness news video

CBS6 produced a news segment about the Moonpie Madness contest held at Virginia Commonwealth University on Sunday which can be viewed at Chris “The Nasty” Iganacio won the contest. Some other Moonpie Madness videos can be viewed at


VCU Moonpie Madness

A blog about the Moonpie Madness contest to be held at Virginia Commonwealth Univerisity has been set up at The blogger describes the event:

MoonPie Madness stands to be the largest MoonPie eating contest to ever be held. Ever. At VCU at least. But for the record, we haven’t heard of any other eating contests to have over 64 people competiting on the same day, and we’re estimating to have at least 84 “gurgataters” so I’d say we’re safe in making that claim. 84 gurgataters! MoonPies!?! How’s this all going down? Well, here’s the deal:

There’s 2 competitions going on the sacred day of April 1st. An exhibition (a classic eating contest where everyone has 5 minutes to out eat each other, and try to break the unofficial record of 15 in 5 minutes), and as I like to call it, The Grand Tourney” (a March Madness themed eating contest where 64 students will go through 6 – 2 minute rounds and work their way through the bracket.)

I think some Japanese contests have had more than 84 entrants, but I am not aware of any US contests with that large a field. The contest is restricted to VCU students only.

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