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RVA City Dogs will hold a hot dog eating contest awarding $100 to the winner in Richmond, VA on February 12.
Elephant Thai in Richmond, VA will hold an eating contest on October 29 awarding $300 to the winner.
Bob Shoudt produced a video of him winning four eating contests in an hour during a Richmond Flying Squirrels game.
Buffalo Wild Wings in Richmond will hold a qualifier Friday for a wing eating contest on Sunday awarding $200 to the winner.
Mike Longo announces that he ate 51 wings to win the first prize of $500 at the Kickin Chicken Wing Fest in Richmond.
The Kickin Chicken Wingfest will award $500 to the winner of an eating contest in Richmond, VA on October 18. Qualifiers will be held October 8 and 15.
Mike Longo reports he won the first prize of $500 at the eating contest at the Kicken Chicken Wing Fest in Richmond.
The (first names of the) winners of today's Nathan's qualifier for military members at Fort Lee, VA have been announced: Chanyaw with 12 and Sheila with 5. update May 30 Progress Index has the full names of the winners: Chan Yau and Sheila Nelson
Progress Index has a preview Thursday's Nathans' qualifier for retired and active military at Fort Lee, VA.
A Nathan's qualifier for retired and active military members at Fort Lee, VA on May 29 has been added to the circuit.  
Mi Hacienda in Richmond, VA will hold a taco eating contest on May 5 awarding a Samsung Galaxy 3 tablet.
Kings Dominion in Doswell, VA will hold a funnel cake eating contest on Friday awarding a prize package worth $500.
Will Millender has the top 3 in today's Richmond Wing Bowl: 1) Jon Squibb 2) Joe Menchetti 3) Joel Podelsky
The second Richmond, Virginia Wing Bowl will take place over the next month. Four Saturday qualifiers will take place at Buffalo Wild Wings starting on July 31 and award $250 to the winner. The winner of the finals August 28 will receive $1000.

Man vs. Food June 30, 2010 (Richmond, VA) episode links

Travel Channel episode guide | gallery


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The new Richmond, Virginia episode of Man vs. Food will be televised on June 30.

Nightline “Man vs. Food” segment available online

Last night’s Nightline segment about Man vs. Food can be viewed online. Host Martin Bashir calls the star of the program “Alan Richman” in his introduction. John Berman attempts the “Stupid Wing” challenge at Caliente in Richmond in the segment.

RVANews and RichmondBizSense have articles about the upcoming Richmond episode of Man vs. Food.


ABCNews has a video of John Berman of Nightline attempting the "Stupid Wing" challenge at Caliente in Richmond, VA while being coached by Adam Richman.
Sarah Rosenberg, a producer for ABC News, reports that a film crew from Nightline was present at Buz & Ned's in Richmond, VA when Man vs. Food was recording. John Berman will be eating a meal today for the Man vs. Food episode of Nightline.
Kristel Poole claims that Man vs. Food will record at Buz & Ned's Real Barbecue in Richmond after appearing at Black Sheep today.
Jeph Kelly reports that Man vs. Food is currently recording at Caliente in Richmond, Virginia. The challenge will be "Stupid Wings". update Times-Dispatch has an article about the recording.
RVA News and I Could Go on and On have reports about the tofu eating contest held at Cafe Gutenberg in Richmond, Virginia (gallery)
Fire & Ice Restaurant in Richmond will hold a hot dog eating contest on Saturday that will award $250 to the winner.
102.1 The X has a gallery of the finals of the Richmond, Virginia Wing Bowl. The caption of the second picture reports that Jonathan Squibb won the contest. Ian Hickman also competed.
(From Alex Thomas email) Richmond, VA area Buffalo Wild Wings will host wing eating qualifiers on August 1, 8, 15 & 22. Winners of the qualifiers will receive $250 and will be able to compete in the finals on August 29 that will award $1000 to the winner.
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