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2020 Aug 29Wing Eating Contest Wing Fest Roanoke, VA
Three random Roanoke eating challenges
1 lb. burger Jolly Ox Pound Challenge Jolly Ox Grill Lexington, VA includes 1 lb. pretzel and pound cake dessert
28 in pizza Pizza Challenge Benny Marconi's Roanoke, VA
12 in sub Kitchen Sink Sub Sycamore Deli Blacksburg, VA sub topped with 6 meats & 4 cheeses, includes fries, chips, a brownie & pickle
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Benny Marzano's in Blacksburg, VA will hold a pizza eating contest for two person teams during the NCAA tournament awarding $400 to the winning team.
Grace Lee will judge a meatball eating contest in Lynchburg, VA on Friday. (Grace's twitter bio still lists her as an undefeated eating champion.)
Eventzone reports that Jessica Franklin won Martin's Rib eating contest at the Big Lick Blues Festival in Roanoke, Virginia, defeating last year's winner, Ron Webb. (The winning total of 4.6 oz. is probably inaccurate; Ron Webb ate 20 ounces to win the 2009 contest.)

Link Buffet: November 11, 2008

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Ian Hickman wins Lynchburg Dickey’s qualifier

The reports that Ian Hickman won the Dickey’s pulled pork eating qualifier in Lynchburg, VA. Joshua “Jabber Jaws” Currier was second.

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Sonya & Booker vs. Harley riders in VA ham biscuit contest


16th Annual Virginia State Harley Davidson Owners Group Rally, Lynchburg, VA

Sonya Thomas 60 biscuits in 8 minutes
Badlands Booker 42 biscuits

Updated 9:55 The Lynchburg News Advance has an article about the contest

11:16 USA Today has an AP article and picture of the contest

Updated June 25 9:14 pm, WDBJ7 has a video of the contest

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Virginia Ham preview

The News & Advance has a preview of Saturday’s Virginia Ham biscuit contest in Lynchburg, VA. Sonya Thomas and Eric “Badlands” Booker will compete against twelve of the best Harley riding eaters in an 8 minute contest.

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Ham steak contest in Richmond June 24?

The calendar on Badlands Booker’s myspace page announces that he will appear at the Virginia State Lottery Ham Steaks Contest in Richmond on June 24. This contest does not appear on the IFOCE list of contests.

Updated June 12 1:50 PM Ian Hickman has confirmed that the Virginia Lottery will sponsor a contest on the 24th in Lynchburg, not Richmod. Sonya Thomas is expected.

A new goldenpalace rib contest in Memphis on July 3 has also been announced.

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