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Bob "Killer" Kuhns ate 25 hot dogs in 12 minutes to defeat defending champion Mark Lyle and claim the first prize of $500 in Saturday's hot dog eating contest at the Festival of Discovery in Greenwood, SC.
Bob Kuhns ate 24 hot dogs in under 5 minutes to win a hot dog eating contest at 3topia in Lake Charles, LA on Saturday.

2013 Rock the Tot finals

update NewsNet5 has an article and video

The Cleveland Leader has an article and video preview

Results start at 20:30 mark of video
1) Molly Schuyler 6 lbs in 3 min, continues undefeated streak in contests allowing use of hands
2) Bob Kuhns
3) Sean Mulcahey
4) Brian Feldman
5) Jose Carbajal

Cleveland Leader has a link to live video coverage on its youtube page.

Fox8 has an article about the finals

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Bob Kuhns won the Sloppy Joe Showdown at Downey's House in McKees Rocks, PA with a total of 22 sloppy Joes in 8 minutes, almost twice the amount of the runner-up (12). (via email)
The facebook for Bartolini's announces that Bob "Killer" Kuhns finished the 10 pound meatball sub challenge in 48:04, less than half of the previous record of an hour and forty minutes.
Bob Kuhns has emailed the top 3 from last night's 10 minute hot dog eating contest held at the Starlite Car Cruise in Wexford, PA: 1) 29.5 hot dogs Bob Kuhns, $500 2) 26 Pete Maurizio $300 3) 14 Tim "Obi Wing" Cain $200
Bob Kuhns won Saturday's pierogi eating contest at the Men's Culinary Classic in Washington County, PA by eating 50 pierogies in 3 minutes (via email)
Bob Kuhns won the Burrito Bowl contest at a Pittsburgh Qdoba. update A video has been posted
The facebook for the Celtic Classic announces that Bob Kuhns repeated as champion of the haggis eating contest today.
The twitter for ESPN Cleveland reports that Bob "Killer" Kuhns repeated as Wing King of Cleveland in today's finals. Other finalists were the Mad Greek, Wing Assassin, Wags, Wing Blade and Bone Gobbler.

Bob Kuhn’s wins Bartolini’s meatballs

The facebook for Bartolini’s reports that Bob “Killer” Kuhns won today’s meatball contest by eating 36.5 meatballs in 7 minutes.

update Full results have been posted – the top 5
1) Bob Kuhns 36.5
2) Kevin Kordalski 29.5
3) Thomas Topel 26 – top amateur
4) Ian Coker 24
5) Mark Lyle 23.5

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NTSMediaOnline has a blog entry about the July 3 pizza eating contest at the Three Rivers Regatta in Pittsburgh. Bob Kuhns won $500 after finishing his pizza in under 7 minutes.
Yahoo has videos of Sunday's Wing King of Cleveland finals: round 1 | round 2 . Bob "Killer" Kuhns won the contest and "The Mad Greek" was the runner up.
KDKA has a video of a hot dog eating contest held the Celebrate America Festival at Kennywood today won by Bob Kuhns. update ZWire has an article about the contest.
Noth Canton Rotary Chili Open results: 1) Bob "Killer" Kuhns - 10.5 lbs. (new record), Mark Lyle 8.75 lbs., Tony "Big Munch" Martinez - 5.6 lbs.

Bob Kuhns wins pierogie eating contest reports that Bob “Killer” Kuhns won a pierogie eating contest at Clara’s Pittsburgh Pierogies on Sunday after repeating in the Wing Championship Series on Friday. There will be an AICE pierogie contest at the restaurant on June 23.

updated A video clip can be seen at (Thanks Boy King) Click on the Entertainment category.

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Bob Kuhns repeats in Pittsburgh wings

From AICE News:

1 Bob Killer Kuhns 132
2 Ian ‘the Invader’ Hickman 124
3 Joe Menchetti 117

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Bob Kuhns wins Uncle Charley’s Sausage qualifier reports that Bob “Killer” Kuhns won the first qualifier for Uncle Charley’s Sausage Eating Contest. The second qualifier will be held November 2 at Cupka’s II in the South Side. The top three finishers in both qualifiers will reach the finals which will be held on December 3 before the Steelers game.

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