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Tucson.com has an article about Randy Santel defeating the Navy Seal challenge burger at the Trident Grill in Tucson, AZ. After a win in New Mexico earlier in his southwest USA tour, he now has restaurant challenge victories in 48 states.
Joey Chestnut and Tim "Eater X" Janus, competing as Team Chomp, managed to avoid finishing in last place in yesterday's debut episode of the 30th season of The Amazing Race and will appear in week 2. The most daunting challenge of the episode was traversing a gorge in Iceland using a zipline. Teams also had to imbibe Icelandic alcohol; Team Chomp's drinking did not appear in the episode. This is not the first reality TV show, the duo appeared in. In a 2010 episode of Shaq vs. Joey Chestnut faced off in a hot dog eating contest against the NBA great after he was coached by Tim Janus (via 2 paragraphs)
Darron Breeden has uploaded a video of his attempt with Dan Kennedy at the 25 pound Belly Buster burger at Denny's Beer Barrel Pub in Clearfield, PA.
It appears Steve Spini won the first prize of $750 in yesterday's bratwurst eating contest at Bierhaus in Manhattan while wearing a Spiderman mask. (video)
Slider, a novel by Pete Hautman about a teenage competitive eater intended for middle grade readers, was released earlier this week.
A Taste of Hamburg-er will hold a burger eating contest for professionals on September 2 in Hamburg, PA awarding $750/$500/$250/$125/$75. A contest for amateur teams of 3 will award $150/$90/
Au.News.Yahoo.com has a video about Randy Santel finishing the 3kg burger at Burger Block in Kew, VIC, Australia in 17:38. The Herald Sun wrote an article about the attempt (access through Google News to bypass paywall)
The 2017 men's Nathan's finals will be shown live on ESPN2 at noon Eastern and rerun at 4pm, 7pm and 10pm. Last year, that channel showed Wimbledon and the 2016 men's finals were not televised live on any channel. For the 7th straight year, the women's finals will not be televised live on any channel. (From 11am - noon Eastern this year, ESPN Classic will show the 2016 men's contest). Presumbably the 2017 women's contest will be streamed live on ESPN3, but it has yet to be added to the schedule.

Non Fatal Competitive Eating Health Incidents

A list of some incidents at eating contests and challenges that did not result in fatalities follows. Philly.com, The New York Post, CTPost and Eater.com all have articles about the dangers of competitive eating

2017 Former Austalian soccer star Brendan Favola stopped breathing after attempting an on-radio hot sauce challenge. Paramedics were able to treat his condition.
2016 The Journal of Emergency Medicine has an account of a injury produced by a ghost pepper eating contest that resulted in a 1 inch esophagus tear and a 23 day hospital stay. (via SMH)
2016 Rugby player Sam Burgess of the South Sydney Rabbitohs successfully applied the Heimlich maneuver after an employee of Decosti Seafood started choking in a fish eye eating contest held at the Sydney Fish Markets
2014 Brian “Dud Light” Dudzinski was hospitalized for brain swelling after a water training session went bad. Fortunately no significant permanent damage appears to have occured. He has continued to do water training, recently posting a 2 gallon chugging video.
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Nuttyfoodiefitness announces that she ate two big platters with 8 side items at Red's True BBQ in London (before | after).
AMNY has an article about the Nathan's finals preparations for Matt Stonie and Joey Chestnut, who says he has lost 25 pounds since January.
Mental Floss has a list of 17 competitive eating secrets from Yasir Salem.
Taco in a Bag announces that Takeru Kobayashi, Molly Schuyler, LA Beast and Bob Shoudt will pay a visit to their Chicago location early next week. It is not clear if Kobayashi will attempt the Taco Trough challenge.
A Dorito Locos Taco Throwdown will be held today. Anyone who wants to participate can attempt to eat as many Doritos Locos tacos at Taco Bell in an hour and then post his or her results. There will be an official meetup in Los Angeles. (via Will Millender)
The Telegraph has an interview with Matt Stonie, who says his nutrition studies (he is currently on hiatus from college) help him with competitive eating.
Dave "The Termite" Wood ate 16 cannolis in 5 minutes to defend his title at La Festa in Scranton yesterday. Russ Keeler was runner up with 11.
Yahoo.com has an article about LA Beast eating 21 dimes dipped in olive oil for his latest video, which resulted in his hospitalization.
In a reddit.com Ask Me Anything session yesterday, Ronda Rousey says she can eat at least 60 wings. Molly Schuyler and Matt Stonie are mentioned in the responses.
Kobayashi just posted on twitter: "Please don't expect me to compete in Nathan's contest. I will never do it."
Kevin "LA Beast" Strahle will visit Taco in a Bag today at noon as a stop on his tour to promote the return of Crystal Pepsi.
The Amazing Cheeseburger Challenge will be held July 4 in Auckland, New Zealand. Entrants will attempt to eat a cheeseburger from 50 different McDonald's locations over 24 hours.
Bidding closed last night on a painting produced by LA Beast to promote the return of Crystal Pepsi. The auction winner agreed to pay $60,500.
"LA Beast" painted a picture of a bottle of Crystal Pepsi and placed it for auction on ebay. The current price is $40,300; bidding closes on April 26. All funds from the sale will reportedly be used to finance The Bring Back Crystal Pepsi Movement.(I think LA Beast's MLE contract expired in March, if it did Shea Communications can have no involvement in this transaction.)
Spook Magazine of Australia has an article titled "Sport or disorder? The weird world of extreme competitive eating focusing on the rise to prominence of videomakers like LA Beast & Furious Pete.
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