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For his latest video, "Furious" Pete Czerwinski has posted an excerpt from his 2013 tour of Japan where he faced off against female competitive eater Mio Takahashi in a noodle eating contest.
A video of "Furious" Pete Czerwinski's trip to Japan can be viewed online. He competes in a noodle eating contest against female competitive eater Mio "Sakura" Takahashi starting at the 4 minute mark.
The Mainichi Shimbun has an article about Mio "Sakura" Takahashi, who claims she can eat 20% of her body weight.

Japanese women complete 5kg burger challenge

Sugawara wins okonomiyaki eating contest

Mainichi has an English article about Hatsuyo “the Witch” Sugawara’s victory in a women-only okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes containing vegetables) eating contest in Osaka Wednesday:

Each okonomiyaki weighs one kilogram and measures 30 centimeters in diameter.

Hatsuyo Sugawara, a 44-year-old housewife from Iwate Prefecture, won the contest after eating 5.2 pancakes, and received 550,000 yen in prize money, a solid gold spatula, and the privilege of having the restaurant’s largest okonomiyaki named after her.

Mio “Sakura” Takahashi reports she finished second with a total of 4.7 pancakes.

Contest video

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Link Buffet: April 3, 2008

Link Buffet: March 24, 2008

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Japanese buffet weight gain contest

Deresque has a blog entry with a lot of pictures from a lunch last month he had with 13 other competitive eating friends at the Grand Buffet Hawaiian Island in Tokyo. The fourteen eaters were grouped into 7 two person teams and each member was weighed before and after eating lunch at the buffet. The team with the highest combined weight gain was proclaimed the winner.

The top 5 single person weight gains were:
1. Takuya Yamamoto, 23.76 lb. / 10.8 kg (54.3 kg -> 65.1 kg), on #1 team
2. Mio “Sakura” Takahashi 15.2 lb. / 6.9 kg (31.3. kg -> 38.2 kg), on #2 team
3. Tomoko Miyake, 14.3 lb. / 6.5 kg (38.2 kg -> 44.7 kg) on #2 team
4. Asami “Essen” Miyanishi, 13.4 lb. / 6.1 kg (unlisted start & finish) on #3 team
5. Yamaguchi 12.32 lb. / 5.6 kg (60.6 kg -> 66.2 kg), on #1 team

Sakura Takahashi had the highest percentage weight gain, 38.2 / 31.3 = 22%, edging out Takuya Yamamoto, 65.1 / 54.3 = 20%

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Sakura Takahashi apoligizes for “ugly” eating

Sakura Takahashi has the following apology (automatically translated) on her blog:

“Originator! Gluttonous king decisive game”
You participated the case where method of my eating,
“It is ugly.”
With it received the comment which is pointed out.

With new this game advance, there is no room,
Clean of method of eating to, the air did not turn.
With this, we apologize to the person who is harmed feeling, from heart.
In addition, also the image for gluttony makes bad,
With that, to we applied annoyance also the gluttonous authorized personnel and TV station.


“Gluttonous King” rookie women’s qualifier videos

A space in this fall’s “Gluttonous King” contest has been reserved for a novice female competitor. The qualifier for this slot, which was won by Mio “Sakura” Takahashi, can be viewed at http://youtube.com/user/euromach2 Gal Sone serves as a co-MC.


Environmentalist eater emerges

R Suzuki reports that Sakura Takahashi won a qualifer for a spot this fall’s “Gluttonous King” contests which was restricted to novice females. In her blog, Ms. Takahashi announces that she intends to use her prominence as a competitive eater to promote environmental awareness: (automatically translated)

As for me, the habit of being connected to protecting such terrestrial environment, it has becoming aware first in everyone, and that really it can have practicing, doing the kind of activity which is appealed to keep it would like, that thinks that anyone can practice simply.