Wayback Triple Triple Challenge (formerly Jake’s Burgers) category

Molly Schuyler ate a 9 patty burger in 50.28 seconds to defend her Wayback Burgers Triple Triple Challenge title and take the first prize of $3330.
Molly Schuyler has been announced as the winner of the $3330 first prize for the 2015 Triple Triple Challenge at Wayback Burgers. Her time was 40.55 seconds (less than 5 seconds per patty).
Wayback Burgers will hold its Triple Triple Challenge on September 18. The fastest overall time to eat a nine patty burger will win $3330.
"Gentleman" Joe Menchetti appears in WFSB's segment about the Triiple Triple burger offered by Wayback Burgers.
The top 3 nationally for Jake's Wayback Burgers Triple Triple Challenge have been announced: 1) Molly Schuyler 38.95s 2) Dave Brunelli 41s 3) Sam Soworda 54s.
Results from yesterday's National Cheeseburger Day challenges at Jake's Wayback Burgers and Fuddrucker's will be listed in this post. The only result I have seen so far is LA Beast finishing Fuddrucker's 3 pound burger in 50 minutes.
Jake's Wayback Burgers in Waxahachie, TX will hold a triple triple burger eating contest tomorrow awarding $175 ($100 to the winner).

Updated Jake’s Wayback Burgers national list

The top 15 for Jake’s Wayback Burgers triple triple contest has been updated to include previously omitted competitiors. The top 8

1) David Brunelli 30 seconds
2) Jamie McDonald 48s
3) Wayne Algenio 1:15
4) Mike Rubolina 1:44
5) Joe Menchetti 1:50
6T) Jimmy Lin 1:54
6T) Dimitry Shchupak 1:54
8) Will Millender 2:00

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Dave Brunelli wins Jake’s Wayback Burgers national contest

The official top 10 for the Triple Triple burger eating contest held at Jake’s Waybacks burgers has been announced. Dave Brunelli had the fastest time of 30 seconds (video of Dave Brunelli) and Joe Menchetti was the runner up with a time of 1:50. Nick Ke hler won the video contest.

According to facebook comments about the list, Jamie McDonald, Wayne Algenio and Will Millender should have made the top 10. (The #10 finishing time was 3:10). Will Millender announced he finished his triple triple in 2:08.


2013 Jake’s Wayback Burgers Triple Triple contest

Jake’s Wayback Burgers locations are holding a triple triple burger eating contest today. The fastest time nationally will be announced on September 18 and receive $3330. Not all restaurants will hold the contest today and competition times vary, so check before travelling to compete.

Anyone who wants to post his or her triple triple finishing time can do so in the comments of this thread.

update Sept 17 Fox News held a promo contest on Sunday. The winning time was reportedly one minute.

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Jake's Wayback Burger will hold its Triple Triple Burger eating contest on September 14. The person with the fastest time eating a Triple Triple at a Jake's location on that day will receive $3300. Jake's is also holding a contest where people will record videos of themselves eating a Triple Triple that will award a MacBook Air.
Five Jake's Wayback Burgers locations will hold Triple Triple Burger eating contests Saturday: Ventura, CA, Stoughton, MA, Worcester, MA, Medford, OR and Little Ferry, NJ.
Shine.yahoo.com has an article about the addition of the Triple Triple to Jake's Wayback Burgers menu. The nine patty burger was used in an eating contest held at several Jake's locations last year.
QSR Magazine has a list of the Jake's Way Burgers locations that will hold a Chowdown Showdown Burger Eating Contest on August 11. Each participating site will award an iPad2 to the person who eats a Triple Triple nine-patty burger the fastest.