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jackhirons posted a painting of Rich LeFevre competing in the 2006 Wing Bowl on his Instagram.

Joey Chestnut drinking gallon of milk in 41 seconds on youtube

(From anonymous comment) – A video of Joey Chestnut drinking a gallon of milk in 41 seconds in the WIP studios to qualifiy for Wing Bowl 14 is available on youtube.

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Steakbellie uploads Wing Bowl 14 galleries

Steakbellie has uploaded his Wing Bowl pictures from February to There are 668 pictures in total. Some photographs of Wingettes are not safe for all workplaces.


Wing Bowl 14 articles, part V

Angelo Cataldi has a Wing Bowl 14 FAQ on his website. He assumed that eliminating previous competitors would ensure that the victor would be from the Delaware Valley and that the Wing Bowl movie is several years away from a premier. Cataldi is considering a format change for future Wing Bowls.

phillyfuture has a blog entry with an eyewitness account of Wing Bowl 14.

phillysportsline has a gallery of Wing Bowl 14 (free registration is required to see the pictures)


Wing Bowl 14 articles, part IV has a Wing Bowl 14 article and captioned photo gallery. I agree with the article’s claim that Rich’s blonde wingette should have definitely been one of the 10 finalists. The captions say that one of the 10 finalist wingettes, Lisa Marie, was 6’5 (she should maybe consider entering Wing Bowl 15) has profiles of Timothy “Dr. Slob” Cusick and Bill “Robocop” Sampolski.

A Sports Illustrated blog has a fake quote from Joey Chestnut which a reader might not notice is bogus if s/he is not paying close attention.

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MacWing & Boss Hog article

The News of Delaware County has a profile of two competitors from that region, Eric “MacWing” Livingston and Scott “Boss Hog” Zimmerman.

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Wing Tut seeks Guinness jalapeno record

Wing Tut is undeterred by his disqualification from Wing Bowl 14 and looks to continue in competitive eating. He is seeking the Guinness jalapeno record which is claimed to be 8 in one minute. It is difficult to see how this could be listed as a record when Jed Donahue has consumed 152 jalapeno peppers in 15 minutes, an average of over 10 a minute for a quarter of an hour.

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Reliving Wing Bowl 14

Wing Bowl 14 clips are available at A show about Wing Bowl 14 will be aired at 11 pm on Saturday on UPN 57 in the Philadelphia TV market. The WIP website has podcasts of the audio broadcast along with some pictures.

The new poll question asks who should play Sonya Thomas (or a Sonya Thomas based character) if that role exists in the upcoming Wing Bowl movie.

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Wing Tut arises from his tomb

Wing Bowl 14 contestant Wing Tut has an account of his participation in that event in his blog. He believes that he did not receive credit for 21 wings that he ate. More on Wing Tut can be found here.

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“Deflowered” Wing Bowl 15?

Angelo Cataldi has a long commentary about Wing Bowl 14 on his website. The most interesting point in his writeup is that the next Wing Bowl will lose its “virginity”:

There was no close finish in WB14, unlike the last two overtime events. Next year, when the other previous contestants rejoin the field, this should not be a problem.

Other notable points include:

  • The FCC would not allow WIP to restrict the field to Delaware Valley residents.
  • The Wachovia Center would not let Wing Bowl 14 occur there if tickets were not required
  • Crowd scenes for the Wing Bowl movie were filmed at the contest
  • Cataldi is disappointed in the performance of the most hyped locals like Robocop

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Wing Bowl 14 (& 13) articles part III

610 WIP is sending a cease and desist letter claiming trademark infringement to the Columbus radio station sponsoring a Wing Bowl. They could rename their event the Wing HorseShoe after the Ohio State stadium. No legal action is apparently being taken against the Salt Lake City Wing Bowl.

An excerpt about Wing Bowl 13 mentioning documentarian Jennifer Drumgoole from Jere Longman’s book about the 2004-5 Eagles is available at has a photogallery of Wing Bowl 14.

Some pictures from that gallery include:

You can’t spell Team Chestnut without chest
The White Widow
Joey’s Wingette at work
Black Death
The Special Canadians
Dave the Dumpster
Wing Tut
Black Death #2
Burger King? 😉


Wing Bowl 14 articles Part II has a profile of Joey Chestnut and an interview with his mother.

The Vallejo Times Herald has an article about local boy Joey Chestnut.

The Philadelphia Daily News has a contest writeup.

The Delaware County Times has a contest writeup focusing on the contestants from Delaware County.

The Daily Local has a profile of Timothy “Dr. Slob” Cusick

The Courier Post has an article focusing on the entrants from South Jersey. 10 competitors were from South New Jersey, 5 more than Philadelphia

The Courier Post also has an anti Wing Bowl commentary.


Wing Bowl 14 articles and notes

Here are all the results I am aware of. Any additional results would be appreciated

1. Joey Chestnut 173 wings
2. Rich LeFevre 156 wings
3. Dr. WingLove 114 wings
4. ?
5. ?
6. MacWing 105 wings
7.-25. ?

If you picked 41+ wings as the gap between Chestnut/LeFevre and the rest of the field in the recent poll, you were correct.

Dr. WingLove threw up in his corn eating stunt and needed to win the WingOff to make the Wing Bowl, where he was the highest finishing local.

It is nice to see Rich LeFevre was a crowd favorite. Philly fans have not always been as kind to sub 150 pounders from out of town.

The LA times has a good article on the Wing Bowl. has a Wing Bowl article with more information about the planned Wing Bowl movie.

The Courier Post has an article focusing on South Jersey entrants.

Yahoo has a photo gallery.

Philadelphia Weekly has an article with several pictures (adult content)

SFist has a blog entry

MacWing has sent me three pictures he took as a contestant.

Rich LeFevre meditating

MacWing and Dr. WingLove

MacWing and Joey Chestnut

Two other Wing Bowls will be held this week. (I am surprised that the term Wing Bowl is not trademarked.)

Gentleman Joe Menchetti won the Columbus Wing Bowl. Menchetti has lost 60 pounds in the past year.

A Salt Lake City Wing Bowl will be held tomorrow. The “Wingettes” for that event will probably be less scantily clad than the Philly Wingettes.


Joey Chestnut sets Wing Bowl record

Joey Chestnut (not Chestnutt) has set a Wing Bowl record with 173 wings beating Sonya’s record from Wing Bowl 12 by two wings. Rich LeFevre was second. LeFevre was apparently a crowd favorite. The arena was apparently only half full despite the sellout.

Updated 12:02 pm
nbc10 has a video and slideshow
kyw has a slideshow has a video of the first half of the contest (real player required) has some pictures on his main page

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Wing Bowl liveblogging’s Early World blog, written by Peter Mucha, is posting from the Wing Bowl this morning. El Wingador has just been inducted into the Wing Bowl Hall of Fame.

Updated 9:04 am: The liveblogger is not bothering to blog the actual contest. He has listed the second round advancers. Joey Chestnut and Rich LeFevre are leading.

9:20 Comments on the blog have
1. Joey Chestnut 173
2. Rich LeFevre 156
3. Dr. WingLove 114

Note to “liveblogging” does not mean write the article then get around to blogging when and if you can find time for it.


Various Wing Bowl links

The Delaware County Times has some short profiles of the Delaware County Wing Bowl entrants. profile of Ken “Wingmaster” Ronan

Wing Tut’s blog

Adam “Hungry Hungry Hebrew” Taxin’s New Orleans charity website

Rich “The Locust” LeFevre’s competition history

Joey Chestnut’s competition history


Wing Bowl Eve notes

610 WIP has announced its Wing Bowl odds and lists Rich LeFevre as the fourth biggest favorite behind Joey Chestnut, Robocop and Freak of Nature in the Wing Bowl at 5 to 1 odds. If you can find someone who will give you those odds on Rich, you might want to consider making that bet.

The Wing Bowl weigh-in will be at 5 pm today at Chickie’s & Pete’s sports bar.

The Pottstown Mercury has a profile on Dave “The Dumpster” Moya, who received a pep rally yesterday.

The sports prof has a commentary on the Wing Bowl.


Wing Bowl supplier

The Philadelphia City Paper has an article on the official supplier of wings for the Wing Bowl, the Rib Ranch. That restaurant supplies the contest with smaller than normal wings with mild barbeque sauce to maximize the amount of wings eaten. Some competitors buy buckets of 50 wings to practice. The owner of the Rib Ranch claims that “The contestants always say the wings are great.”


Another Wing Bowl “Widow”

The field for Wing Bowl 14 has been set and has some information on some of the competitors. The only woman competing, Melissa Perzin, has modified Sonya’s nickname and is calling herself “The White Widow.” Joey Chestnut and Rich LeFevre will not be the only entrants travelling a long distance. There will also be an (unnamed) competitor from Red Deer, Alberta, Cananda.

Updated 11:54 Another connection between race and the Wing Bowl besides Melissa’s nickname can be found in this discrimination lawsuit against WIP. I wonder if the lawsuit will use Badlands Booker’s possibly bogus disqualification from Wing Bowl 13 as supporting its claim of bias.

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Wing 5 winner’s blog

Joey Badafuco/Wing Tut, who won the Wing 5 qualifier at Lucy’s Bar yesterday, has an account of his victory and training on his blog. Joey also competed in the Salty Ball contest this summer.

Updated 1/28 10:20 am : Joey Badafuco thinks 135 wings should win the contest and does not know who “Rich LaFevre” is.


“El Wingador” without the Wing Bowl has an article about what Bill “El Wingador” Simmons is doing now that he is unable to compete in Wing Bowl 14. He is opening a restaurant and hopes to compete in Wing Bowl 15. The article mentions Joey Chestnut as a favorite for the contest.

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Wing Bowl movie & clothing information has more information about the Wing Bowl movie under development and also announces that a line of Wing Bowl clothing will hit the marketplace before the February 3 contest.

More about the Wing Bowl movie


Philly Edge Wing Bowl list has a list of twelve things you need to know about Wing Bowl 14. Bill “El Wingador” Simmons believes that the ban on previous competitors will result in a win for a Philadelphia area eater. Simmons is also writing his autobiography.

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Second Wing Bowl collegiate qualifier

The second “Wing 5” qualifier was held Tuesday night at the Landmark American Tap and Grille in Glassboro, NJ. The contest was only open to Philadelphia area college students. Mike Foster won a place in the Wing Bowl by eating 31 wings in 10 minutes. A video of Foster is available.

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Send out the (Kensington) Klown

Hank the Tank attempted to circumvent Wing Bowl 14’s ban of previous competitors by unsuccessfully disguising himself as the “Kensington Klown.” (Brian Seiken would probably claim that all Wing Bowl 14 entrants from the Delaware Valley are clowns regardless of whether they wear makeup.)

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