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(All Little Rock eating challenges and contests in database) reports that Brandon "Da Garbage Disposal" Clark was the first person to finish the "Mega Burrito Challenge" at Debbie's Burritos in Malvern, AR. The challenge consists of five burritos and has been available since 2014.
Robert McKinney has uploaded a video of him eating 26 hot dogs in 10 minutes to take the first prize of $1000 in a contest held at Mack's Prairie Wings in Stuttgart, AR yesterday. Brandon Clark was the runner up with 24.
Mack's Prairie Wings in Stuttgart, AR will hold a hot dog eating contest on August 12 awarding $1000 to the winner. picks up parody story as factual

update June 24 Huffington Post UK has an article about the parody.

The Mirror has pulled its story without any commentary. The Daily Mail and The Sun have also ran the story and quietly deleted their articles.

The Globe and Mail and MSN ran the story, but have corrected their articles.

Uncorrected articles are still accessible on Examiner Daily Star and . reports that Kevin “The Mighty Rib” Shalin passed into a coma after eating 413 biscuits at Red Lobster. The story originated on Rock City Times, which bills itself as Arkansas 2nd most unreliable news. Kevin Shalin admitted the story was a parody on his facebook.

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ArkansasOnline reports that Jacksonville, AR has cancelled its Wing Ding Festival that was held in early October. The event held an eating contest that was sanctioned by MLE in 2011.

Sonya Thomas wins 2011 Jacksonville, Arkansas Wing Ding

update 6:57 CWArkansas has an article

update The top 4 | #5-#11:
1) Sonya Thomas 4.59 lb in 10 min
2) Adrian Morgan 4.14
3) Aaron Osthoff 3.64
4) Erik Denmark 3.23
5) Nate Biller 2.95
6) Steve Ramirez II Jr. 2.68
7) Chuck Stuart 2.63, 2010 winner
8) Andrew Kogutkiewicz 2.43
9) “Bam” Martinez 2.01
10) Matt Raible 1.72
11) Steve Ramirez 1.08

Sonya Thomas, Erik Denmark, Adrian Morgan and Aaron Osthoff are expected to compete in the wing eating contest.

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Arkansas Online has a preview of Saturday's eating contest at the Jacksonville (AR) Wing Ding focusing on Sonya Thomas and Aaron Osthoff.
The MLE facebook announces that Sonya Thomas, Aaron Osthoff, Adrian Morgan and Nate Biller are expected to compete in Saturday's contest at the Wing Fling in Jacksonville, AR.
Registration for the wing eating contest on October 1 at the Jacksonville, Arkansas Wing Ding will open tomorrow at 1 pm on
The Jacksonville, Arkansas (Little Rock area) Chamber of Commerce announces that Major League Eating will hold an eating contest at the Wing Ding Festival on October 1.
The Wing Ding Festival in Jacksonville, Arkansas (Little Rock area) will award $1000 in its wing eating contest ($600 to the winner) on October 2.

Man vs. Food November 25 (Little Rock, Arkansas) episode links

Travel Channel: episode guide | slideshow

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The Arkansas Leader reports that the Wing Ding Festival in Jacksonville, Arkansas is contracting with Major League Eating to sanction a wing eating contest in 2010. This year's festival will have an amateur wing eating contest on October 3.
A thread on the Man vs. Food message board says that the program will be recording at the Mean Pig BBQ in Cabot, Arkansas today.

Hot Springs corned beef sandwiches results

from and Lucky Chestnut

Hot Springs International Corned Beef Eating Championship, Hot Springs, Arkansas

1. Pat Bertoletti, 11 sandwiches in 10 minutes, $3,000
2. Joey “Jaws” Chestnut, 10.75 sandwiches, $1,500 – beat Sonya Thomas in 2 minute overtime by .1 ounce
3. Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas 10.75 sandwiches, $500 – lost overtime
4. Chip Simpson 10? sandwiches

Congratulations to Patrick Bertoletti for winning his first non-qualifier contest and defeating two eaters ranked in the top three.

Updated 11:06 pm

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Hot Springs corned beef preview

The IFOCE circuit resumes today after a six week hiatus in Hot Springs, Arkansas (hometown of former president Bill Clinton) with a corned beef sandwich eating contest. Sonya Thomas and Joey Chestnut are expected to resume their rivalry. Ms. Thomas has a two contest winning streak, but the expected 2005 rookie of the year, Joey Chestnut, had a two contest winning streak before that. The top contenders for 2005 rookie of the year runner up, Pat Bertoletti and Chip Simpson, are also expected to compete.

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Cookie Jarvis wins Arkansas grilled cheese

The AP has an article (at about the grilled cheese qualifier held Saturday at the Arkansas State Fair. The results of that contest are:

1. Cookie Jarvis, Long Island, NY, 19 sandwiches
2. Pat Philbin, Moonachie, NJ, 17.5 sandwiches
3. Michael Finnell, Sherwood, AR, 11.5 sandwiches (after 1 minute overtime to decide 3rd)
4. Christopher Tarleton, Corpus Christi, TX 10 sandwiches (lost overtime to Finnell)

With 4 qualifiers left, notable eaters who have yet to qualify include Joey Chestnut and Badlands Booker. (Hopefully Carlene LeFevre will recover in time to participate in the Phoenix contest) If Joey Chestnut competes in the Southern California Fair contest to be held Monday, it will be interesting to see if he challenges Tim Janus’ record of 31. (It has been rumored that Kobayashi will appear at the Southern California contest) The article mentions that there will be a finals contest at an undetermined date and time to determine the allocation of the $20,000.

Updated 10/9 3:55 pm The Arkansas Democrat Gazette has an article mentioning the contest.