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Last week Gawker Media sold its websites: (gossip), (sports), (women), (video games), etc. to Univision after declaring bankrputcy following the loss of an invasion of privacy lawsuit filed by WWE legend Hulk Hogan for posting a sex tape without his permission. While the bulk of Gawker Media’s competitive eating content was posted on Deadspin, which will remain in operation, there were a few competitive eating articles on, which will shut down today (the fate of the Gawker archives are not clear):

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Wing Bowl 20 links Part 2

Wing Bowl 20 links

The new poll asks what you think is the most signficant factors in the increased totals for Wing Bowl 20.

Comments (30) has an article about Rick "The Manager" Russo serving as Stephanie Torres' manager. Russo had an Angry Birds themed float and Notorious Bob Shoudt was a member of his entourage. Shoudt will appear on a segment on 6ABC tonight about Philadelphia area competitive eaters.

Takeru Kobayashi breaks Wing Bowl record by 82 wings

8:55 Final amounts announced
1) Kobayashi 337 wings 82 more than previous record
2) Jon Squibb 271 wings
3) El Wingador 250 wings
4) Stephanie “Chilita” Torres 238 wings, smashes Sonya Thomas’ women’s record of 169
5) Dave “US Male” Goldstein 226 wings

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Wing Bowl 20 links

update some Wing Bowl 20 polls have been set up in the sidebar

Official Wing Bowl 20: Home Page | Facebook | Twitter

Eaters: Roster | Videos | Galleries | mini-profiles

Advice for spectators, tickets are required to park in the parking lots

Competitors sorted by odds (*) means first time competitor:
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Comments (3) reports that Wing Bowl competitor Rick Russo was named Mr. Patch of 2011. The article reports Russo is also Stephanie Torres' manager, which is contradicted by a commenter who says Brian Subich is serving in that capacity. (via emails)
The Atlantic has a good article about Takeru Kobayashi facing off against Bill "El Wingador" Simmons in Wing Bowl 20. The article incorrectly says it will be their first meeting; they both competed in the Glutton Bowl and the 2004 Nathan's finals.
Odds for Friday's contest have been posted on the Wing Bowl website. The four favorites: Jon "Super" Squibb 2-1, Takeru Kobayashi 2-1, Stephanie "Chilita" Torres 3-1, Bill "El Wingador" Simmons 4-1 Wing Bowl 20 coverage’s Wing Bowl page has been updated with information about Wing Bowl 20:


CBS Philly has a preview of the Wing Bowl focusing on Takeru Kobayashi, Bill "El Wingador" Simmons and Jon Squibb describing the three "in tremendous physical shape, like highly tuned athletes". The falsehood that Kobayashi has never competed in a wing eating contest is repeated.
@WingBowl20, the official Wing Bowl twitter for WIP, retweeted the following: "#America>Japan. #KobayashiSucks" update Jan 27 The retweeting appears to have been undone.(original post) update Jan 27 #2 WIP has emails that it believes the Wing Bowl twitter was hacked and says that it "will be excited to have Takeru Kobayashi participating in Wing Bowl 20 and we have the utmost respect for him" has an article about Takeru Kobayashi participating in Wing Bowl 20 in which Joey Chestnut asks if he will be a wingette.
Dave "US Male" Goldstein had the following to say about Bill "El Wingador" Simmons on WIP this morning: "He’s a dinosaur. He needs to retire and stay retired, and not embarrass himself anymore."
WIP announces that several hundred additional Wing Bowl tickets are now available for purchase at has an article about Stacy "Eatorama" McCarthy, who is hoping to eat a record breaking 268 wings at Wing Bowl 20.
Spirit Newspapers has an article about "Damaging" Doug Canavin's attempt to qualify for the Wing Bowl for the eleventh time which states that there was a Wing Off qualifier at The Nut Hut last night.
The Wing Bowl roster has been updated with competitors who have qualified for the 2012 contest. Rick "The Manager" predicts that Stephanie "Chilita" Torres will beat Dave "US Male" Goldstein.
Downington Dish reports that "Quazy" won the final Wing Off qualifier for Wing Bowl 20 held tonight. update Downington Dish has a contest report.
The Wing Bowl website has a gallery of Stephanie "Chilita" Torres' successful sausage eating qualification stunt this morning. (I think this is the first successful qualification stunt by a woman since Melissa "White Widow" Perzin competed in Wing Bowl 14; Sonya Thomas received byes.) Bill "El Wingador" Simmons also announced he will compete in wing Bowl 20, which has been announced as a sell out. (via Joe LaRue email).
WTF Magazine has posted a request for "some wild Sexy girls" to be members of Rick "The Manager" Russo's Wing Bowl 20 entourage. Women are also requested to be part of an eating qualification stunt tomorrow.
A Wing Off for Wing Bowl 20 will be held tonight at Slack's Hoagie Shack in Springfield, PA.
Delaware Park in Wilmington, DE will hold a Wing Off for Wing Bowl 20 on December 29.
Takeru Kobayashi has been officially announced as a competitor in Wing Bowl 20.
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