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The first episode of the 2017 season of Man v Food with new host Casey Webb can be viewed on the travel channel website. Wayne Algenio makes an appearance around minute 14.
AMNY has an interview with Casey Webb about hosting the Man vs. Food reboot, which will debut Monday on the Travel Channel. has posted some pictures from tonight's episode of The Gong Show (10pm on ABC). Molly Schuyler will appear in a segment titled "Gettin Cheesy". update A clip of the appearance is on youtube.
Elise Jesse of WLWT faced off against University of Cincinnati lineman Korey Cunningham in a 6 pound burrito eating contest yesterday.
The appearance of Rich and Carlene LeFevre on tonight's episode of Little Big Shots: Forever Young can be viewed on youtube.
Sports Illustrated has a profile of Rich and Carlene LeFevre. The article describes Rich's personal music rankings which contains 3,500 songs. The couple will appear on Little Big Shots: Forever Young on NBC on July 19 at 8 PM. update a promo video for the episode is available.
The reboot for Man v Food hosted by Casey Webb will debut on August 7. The initial episode will feature New York City restaurants and the challenge site will be the Lunchbox in Staten Island. Other cities visited in the series include Milwaukee, Chicago, Houston, Billings, MT, Charleston, SC, Sleepy Hollow, NY, New Orleans, Portland, OR & Des Moines.
According to the ESPN3 schedule, the broadcast of the Nathan's women's contest will start at 10:45 eastern. ESPN3 will also have cameras focused on Miki Sudo and Joey Chestnut when they compete. The men's contest will be live on ESPN2 starting at noon eastern. reports that Toni Topaz is being cast for season 2 of Riverdale. In the Archie Comics universe, he makes her debut facing off against Jughead in a cupcake eating contest.
Nicky Rottens in Coronado (San Diego area) is looking for burger challengers for an upcoming episode of the Travel Channel's Food Paradise to be recorded on June 24.
Former IFOCE MC Ryan Nerz will discuss politics on Fusion TV tonight at 9:30pm.
Ethan Teske attempted the Rocky Top challenge at It's All So Yummy Cafe in Knoxville for an upcoming episode of Food Network's Ice Cream Nation.
Sayler's in Portland has posted a request for people who want to attempt its 72 ounce steak challenge on two television shows to be recorded later this month: Travel Channel's Food Paradise and a Japanese program. Entries will close on June 12.
The Travel Channel announces that filming will start this week for a new series of Man v Food that will debut in August. Actor and restaurant business veteran Casey Webb will replace Adam Richman as the host. In 2011, John Lomascolo won the Man v Food Nation Casting Call contest that was to have awarded him with an appearance in an Albany area episode that was not recorded before the series was canceled. We will see if the resumed series fulfills that promise.
Moeno Azuki won yesterday's "Battle of Big Eaters: Queens Match". The program televised on TV Tokyo can be viewed on oogui ch.
Molly Schuyler attempted the 32 inch "Big Don" challenge at Mamma Mia's in Rockford, IL yesterday without a partner. The result will be announced on an upcoming television show.
EZineArticles has a list of scripted television shows that showed an eating contest. It does not include the episode of "How I Met Your Mother" in which Alyson Hannigan's pregnancy was used to simulate the after-effects of a hot dog eating contest.
The effects of pot smoking on competitive eating performance will be one of the topics on Stoned, an exploration of marijuana related myths that will be televised on Viceland UK on April 19.
Sophie Healey, a finalist in the British reality show Coach Trip: Road to Marbs did the Devastator burger challenge at the Red Dog in London and was awarded the T-shirt got a T shirt.
Ginormous Food will record at Truffles N Bacon in Las Vegas on Friday, March 31.
Emma Dalton will appear on the British TV channel ITV at 8pm tonight on the Kyle Files. The topic of the program is Britain's obesity crisis. Emma also has a video of her eating 120 pancakes, which she thinks is a world record and has started an instagram at emmadalton2837. update The Sun and Daily Star have articles.
Ginormous Food will record at three Atlanta area restaurants next week from February 28 to March 2. update Columbia, Charleston and Jacksonville will also be visited.
According to an instagram caption by "Beard Meats Food", the annual Battle of Big Eaters produced by TV Tokyo will not return on New Years Day 2018.
Radlasses, an upcoming television show about "six women who are changing the culture, the community" announces that Miki Sudo will be a cast member.
"Joe Burger Challenge" from Valencia appeared on tonight's episode of "Got Talent España"
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