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1 lb, burger Big Jud Big Jud's Country Diner Boise (3 ID sites), ID
3 1.125 lb. burger Beautiful Triple Boobie Burger Boobie's Burgers 11295 W Ustick rd Boise, ID made 100% beef with BOOBIES secret Texas stye Chili and condiments with torrtilla chips and soda pop or water
3 pattie burger Rockies Challenge Rockies Diner Boise, ID challenge includes chili cheese fries & shake, burger topped with a hotdog, pastrami, chili, Swiss and American cheese, grilled onions and mayo
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Cheerleaders in Boise, ID will award $300 to the first person to finish its Big Bertha Challenge.
B-Kashz Marketing announces that The R.A.C.E. Foundation is looking for people to compete against "Furious" Pete Czerwinski at the Boise, Idaho Soul Food Festival on August 6.
"Furious" Pete Czerwinski has posted a video of him eating Big Jud's one pound burger and fries in 2:34 at the expo in Boise, breaking the 15 year old mark of 3:41.
KTIK has a podcast of an interview with "Furious" Pete Czerwinski about competing in a contest at the Expo on Saturday. The contest has 2 slots open and will award up to $600. Pete will attempt to break the record for the burger challenge at Big Jud's tomorrow.
"Furious" Pete Czerwinski will do an eating challenge at the Fit Expo in Boise Idaho on June 11.
The Boise Humanitarian Bowl has replaced its pre-game beef eating contest with a bowling match between members of the competing teams.
Wee-man of MTV's Jackass will appear at a spicy taco eating contest Saturday at Chronic Tacos in Boise, Idaho.

Man vs. Food October 14 episode (Boise, ID) links

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The Idaho Statesman reports that Man vs. Food will be recording at Flying Pie Pizzeria in Boise, Idaho today. (Article contains spoiler about the Rockies Challenge attempt)
The Idaho Statesman has an article about about Man vs. Food recording in Boise this week.
KTVB reports that Man vs. Food is recording in Boise, Idaho today at Rocky's Diner.

Joe Menchetti wins $5K in Boise rib eating contest

The Idaho Statesman reports that Joe Menchetti won $5,000 by eating 3 pounds of rib meat in 8 minutes at the Eagle Rib Shack’s rib eating contest at Boise Hawks field.

Updated June 26 2:41 pm the Startle Grams blog has a picture of the contest along with pictures of other eating contests held this weekend.

Updated 6:29
The contest had a $500 entry fee. A gallery of the contest is available.

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