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Three random Raleigh eating challenges
3 pancakes Pancake Challenge Big Ed's City Market Raleigh, NC
big burger King Kong Boil Over Burger Aviator Brewing Company Fuquay Varina, NC Served with fries and 4 Devils Tripel cans
4+ lb. burrito "El Gigante" burrito Bandido's Mexican Café Chapel Hill (4 locations), NC
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Jennifer Martin ate 5 pounds of pho in 10 minutes to win an eating contest held at MOFU Shoppe Raleigh, NC on Saturday.

2017 Highway 55 Burgers

update The News & Observer has a contest report

The Hwy 55 facebook has a video of the contest end

Crabtree Mall has a facebook gallery

Derek Farley has a closeup contest video

1) Molly Schuyler 1:37 (new record)
2) Bob Shoudt
3) Darron Breeden
4) Dave Brunelli

The contest is expected to be broadcast on https://www.facebook.com/Hwy55burgers/

“Beard Meats Food” trip to NC is not the first trip by a bearded Briton to that region; Blackbeard was pardoned for piracy by the colonial governor in June 1718.

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The field for the Hwy 55 Burgers contest May 20 in Raleigh, NC has been announced: defending champ Molly Schuyler, Bob Shoudt, Dave Brunelli, Wayne Algenio, Joe Menchetti, Will Millender, Darron Breeden, Nate Figueroa, Mark Lyle. Adam "Beard Meats Food" will make his USA sanctioned contest debut. update Dan "Killer" Kennedy will also compete and there is one space left available.
The 2017 Hwy 55 Burgers eating contest will be an All Pro Eating event and take place May 20 at Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh, NC and award $2500/$1250/$500/$250. Previous contests were held at the NC Pickle Festival.
The NC Hot Sauce Festival will hold a pepper eating contest in Oxford, NC on September 10 awarding $1000 to the winner and $300 to the runner up.
There will be a hot dog eating contest at the the July 5 Durham Bulls game awarding $1000 to the winner. update The contest was in 2013 (via comment)
Jeff "FaFa" Woods passed away after experiencing chest pains while running the first mile of the five mile Krispy Kreme Challenge in Raleigh, NC yesterday. The incident occurred before the midpoint of the race where competitors consume a dozen Krispy Kreme dougnuts. Woods was 58 years old and not a regular runner according to his friends.
The Healthy Harvest Festival in Benson, NC will hold a sweet potato pie eating contest on October 24 awarding $500 to the winner.
NewsOberver.com has a report on yesterday's Doughman "Quadrathlon" in Durham, NC, an event where competitors are required to eat various items between stages of a triathlon.
The Doughman Quadrathlon, the challenge in the Durham, NC episode of Man vs. Food, will return on May 23 after a one year hiatus.

Ghassan Al-Hadhrami wins Krispy Kreme Challenge

Ghassan Al-Hadhrami ran 2.5 miles, ate 12 donuts, then ran back 2.5 miles in 28:50 to win the Krispy Kreme Challenge in Raleigh, NC today. 2 time winner Tim Ryan, who has competed in several MLE contests, finished sixth. Meredith Boxberger finished the challenge in 57 minutes.

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Registration is open for the 2015 Krispy Kreme Challenge that will take place on February 14 in Raleigh, NC. The competition consists of a five mile race where entrants are required to eat 12 donuts at the midpoint. In previous years, 8,000+ spots have been filled before race day. The challenge facebook has a link to a picture of a Krispy Kreme decorated like a football with the caption "Ours are fully filled".
The Harvest Festival in Benson, NC will hold a sweet potato pie eating contest on October 25 awarding $500 to the winner.
The NC Hot Sauce Festival in Oxford, NC will hold a pepper eating contest on Saturday awarding $300 to the winner.
Tasty 8's will hold a hot dog eating contest in Raleigh, NC on July 4 awarding $250.
The Durham Bulls will hold a hot dog eating contest at their July 2 game awarding $750 ($500 to the winner). Entry is restricted to North Carolina residents who are not professional eaters.
The Pit in Durham, NC was robbed after posting a "No Weapons, No Concealed Firearms" sign in its window. The Raleigh location of the barbecue restaurant appeared in the North Carolina episode of Man vs. Food
Grayson Currin has an article for IndyWeek.com about winning a pepper eating contest held at the Ninth Street Bakery in Durham, NC last week.  
Tim Ryan from Allendale, NJ ran 5 miles and ate 12 donuts in 30:10 to win yesterday's Krispy Kreme Challenge in Raleigh, NC. The female runner-up, Brenda Wilson, was 56.  
Registration is now open for the 2014 Krispy Kreme Challenge which will take place at the NC State University bell tower on February 8. 8,000 people participated and $127,000 was raised for charity in the 2013 edition of the event, which entails running 2.5 miles to a Krispy Kreme, eating a dozen donuts and returning.
The Harvest Festival in Benson, NC will hold a hands-free sweet potato pie eating contest on October 26 awarding $500 to the winner.
The NC Hot Sauce Festival in Oxford, NC will hold a hot pepper eating contest on Saturday awarding $300.
Wild Wing Cafe in Cary, NC will hold a wing eating contest tonight awarding at Fat Tire beach cruiser bicycle.
Tableau Software has a graph of the performance of the top male competitors at the Nathan's finals. Indyweek has produced a graphic about the hot dog eating contest held at Foster's market in Durham, NC (the unnamed winner ate 8 hot dogs).
Jamie McDonald ate 19 Carolina Red hot dogs at tonight's Durham Bulls game to win a prize of $1,000.
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