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Brett "Branimal" Healey started a Memphis version of the Krispy Kreme Challenge, a race in which participants run 2.5 miles, eat 12 donuts and return 2.5 miles.
Jeff "FaFa" Woods passed away after experiencing chest pains while running the first mile of the five mile Krispy Kreme Challenge in Raleigh, NC yesterday. The incident occurred before the midpoint of the race where competitors consume a dozen Krispy Kreme dougnuts. Woods was 58 years old and not a regular runner according to his friends.

Ghassan Al-Hadhrami wins Krispy Kreme Challenge

Ghassan Al-Hadhrami ran 2.5 miles, ate 12 donuts, then ran back 2.5 miles in 28:50 to win the Krispy Kreme Challenge in Raleigh, NC today. 2 time winner Tim Ryan, who has competed in several MLE contests, finished sixth. Meredith Boxberger finished the challenge in 57 minutes.

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Registration is open for the 2015 Krispy Kreme Challenge that will take place on February 14 in Raleigh, NC. The competition consists of a five mile race where entrants are required to eat 12 donuts at the midpoint. In previous years, 8,000+ spots have been filled before race day. The challenge facebook has a link to a picture of a Krispy Kreme decorated like a football with the caption "Ours are fully filled".
Tim Ryan from Allendale, NJ ran 5 miles and ate 12 donuts in 30:10 to win yesterday's Krispy Kreme Challenge in Raleigh, NC. The female runner-up, Brenda Wilson, was 56.  
Registration is now open for the 2014 Krispy Kreme Challenge which will take place at the NC State University bell tower on February 8. 8,000 people participated and $127,000 was raised for charity in the 2013 edition of the event, which entails running 2.5 miles to a Krispy Kreme, eating a dozen donuts and returning.
Tim Ryan of Madison, WI won yesterday's Krispy Kreme Challenge in Raleigh, NC, taking 31:31 to run about five miles and eat 12 donuts. Almost 8,000 people participated in the event, which raised $127,000 for the UNC Childrens Hospital.
Registration for the 2013 Krispy Kreme Challenge is now open. Entrants in the February 9 event will run two and a half miles from NC State University to a Krispy Kreme in Raleigh, NC, eat a dozen donuts and then return to the starting line. Over 3,000 people have registered since registration opened on December 1. (Registration will be capped at 8,000).
The Krispy Kreme Challenge will take place in Raleigh, NC this morning. reports that all 7700 spots were filled even though the running segment of the event was extended to almost five miles. The eating segment still consists of a dozen doughnuts. update Alex Varner from UNC-Chapel Hill won the event with a time of 28:37
Registration is now open for the 2012 Krispy Kreme Challenge. The February 4 contest in Raleigh, NC entails running 2 miles, eating a dozen donuts and then running another 2 miles. Over 5,000 people have participated in previous challenges. has an article and gallery about this morning's Krispy Kreme Challenge. The event took place in 35 degree rain, which might have helped with "predunking" the donuts. update Results are available on Jeffrey Glick won with a time of 29:31. 2010 winner Eric Mack was the runner-up. (.PDF results)
A press release announces that the Krispy Kreme Challenge is no longer accepting entrants after reaching its capacity of 7,500 participants. The event entails running two miles starting at the NC State bell tower, eating a dozen donuts and returning. An article in the NC State student paper has a training tips for competitors.
Registration is now open for the 2011 Krispy Kreme Challenge on February 5 in Raleigh, NC is now open. Previous races had over 5000 competitors attempt to run 4 miles and eat a dozen donuts.

Art Mann (HD.Net) at Wing Bowl 2010

Youtube has an episode of HD.Net’s Art Mann Presents recorded at the 2010 Wing Bowl NOT SAFE FOR WORK Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 A promo clip of a reversal.

An episode of Art Mann Presents set at the Krispy Kreme Challenge will debut today.

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Krispy Kreme Challenge 2010 results

Results for today’s running of the Krispy Kreme Challenge in Raleigh, NC are available on the event website. Eric Mack’s time of 27:48 won the contest, which entails running 2 miles to a Krispy Kreme, eating a dozen donuts and running 2 miles back. TechnicianOnline has a race diary by a competitor which reports that light snow flurries fell during the event.

Comments reports that registration for the Krispy Kreme Challenge has closed after 6,000 entrants registered.

2010 Krispy Kreme Challenge registration open, 6K entrants expected

Registration for the February 6, 2010 Krispy Kreme Challenge is now open at Race organizers are expecting a field of 6000, an increase of 500 from 2009. The contest entails running 2 miles from the NC State University campus to a Krispy Kreme, consuming a dozen doughnuts at that location, and then running 2 miles to return.

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The web site for the Krispy Kreme Challenge announces that the 2010 contest will take place on February 6. 5500 competitors particpated in the 2009 contest.

ESPN Krispy Kreme Challenge videos

A segment about the Krispy Kreme Challenge race held at North Carolina State was broadcast on ESPN Sportcenter yesterday. Raw footage of Greg Garber competing and doing the “Kobayashi shake” is also available.

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Greg Garber has a report on's Page 2 about competing in the Krispy Kreme Challenge last month. The contest will also be covered by Sunday's Sportcenter according to a sidebar.

Krispy Kreme Challenge champion confusion

Full Results of Saturday’s Krispy Kreme Challenge race / donut eating contest have been posted on the event’s website. There were 5,519 participants. The announced winner on Saturday, Cameron Dorn, actually came in second behind Eric Mack, a member of the NC State track and cross country team. The NC State student newspaper has an article about the confusion. Other coverage:


2009 Krispy Kreme Challenge results reports that Cameron Dorn won this morning’s Krispy Kreme Challenge with a time of 29 minutes and 50 seconds and that a camera crew from ESPN was present. It will be interesting to see if any coverage appears on Sportscenter which will probably be dominated by A-Rod’s alleged positive steroid test.

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5,000+ registered for Krispy Kreme Challenge

The North Carolina State student newspaper reports that 5,038 entrants have registered for tomorrow’s Krispy Kreme Challenge, an increase of about 2,000 from last year’s field size. The contest entails running 2 miles from the NC State bell tower to a Krispy Kreme, consuming a dozen donuts at that location, and then returning to the race start. Proceeds from the race will go to the NC Children’s Hospital and ESPN will be covering the event. Registration is now closed since the cap has been reached. Last year’s winner, Phillip Curley (time 31:20), was a student at rival UNC.

Additonal coverage: NewsObserver | Deadspin

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Man vs. Food NC locations (filming Jan 27) has information about the three Raleigh-Durham restaurants where Man vs. Food will film on January 27: Mama Dips (Chapel Hill), The Pit (Raleigh) and The Roast Grill (Raleigh). Adam Richman will attempt to eat 15 hot dogs, 15 buns, a half pint of mustard, one pint of chili sauce, and three drinks at The Roast Grill, which does not appear to have an official eating challenge.

In other Raleigh televised competitive eating news, a twitter update says that the Krispy Kreme Challenge on February 7 will be covered by ESPN.


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