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Upcoming Nashville eating contests
($100)2018 May 4 Edley's Hot Wing Eating Contest Sevier Park Fest Nashville, TN
($100)2018 May 5 Edley's Hot Wing Eating Contest Sevier Park Fest Nashville, TN
Three random Nashville eating challenges
4 sandwiches The Tin Roof Challenge The Tin Roof sandwiches are grilled chicken, peanut butter, honey includes 32oz. milk - locations in Nashville, Lexington, KY, Columbia, SC Knoxville, Birmingham, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Louisville, Cincinnati & Charlottte
30 inch pizza 30 Inch Monster Pizza - suspended Village Pizza Hartsville, TN must drink 2L Dr. Pepper
3.5 lb. burger Monster Burger Corner Pub Nashville, TN total weight 5+ lbs.
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update Dec 29 The Tennessean has a video update "Orvile Fartwell" has a video of the contest The top five from todays Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl World Hot Chicken Eating Championship Featuring Hattie B's Hot Chicken in Nashville
1st4Molly Schuyler defends title
2nd3.33Brandon Clark
3rd3Dan "killer" Kennedy
4th2.75Bob "The Notorious B.O.B." Shoudt
5th1.75Ryan Best
Defending champion Molly Schuyler, Bob Shoudt, Dan Kennedy and Brandon Clark are expected to compete in the Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl World Hot Chicken Eating Championship featuring Hattie B's Hot Chicken in Nashville on Thursday December 28. Spots remain available for competitors.   

2017 Nashville Nathan’s qualifier

Official results men | women

1 Ronnie Hartman 28.75
2 Michael “Big Eater Mike” whities 23
3 Brian Dudzinski 19

1W Bryn Szeles 8.75
2W Rene Rovtar 8.5

Facebook Live video from NewsChannel 5

Fox Nashville has a live stream of the contest.

Brian Dudzinski, Ronnie Hartman, Michael “Big Eater Mike” Whities and Rene Rovtar are expected to compete.

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MLE upcoming contests as of August 2, 2017

Here are the upcoming contests on the MLE contest calendar. A kale eating contest in Hamburg, NY on August 13 and a Nathan’s qualifier in Nashville on October 10 have been recently added. A new taco eating contest in Tower, MN on November 4 will also be held. Registration is open unless specified otherwise.
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WSMV has a segment on Stevie "Eats a Lot" Palmer competing in the women's Nathan's finals.
Yesterday, Ethan Teske and Matt Cohen were the first pair to finish the 36 inch Godfather challenge at Sal's Family Pizza in Franklin, TN.

Molly Schuyler regains Music City Bowl hot chicken title

update Bob Shoudt has a contest video

The top 4 for Thursday’s Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl World Hot Chicken Eating Championships:

1) Molly Schuyler 4 lbs. in 8 minutes
2) Bob Shoudt 3 lbs
3) Dave Brunelli 2.75 lbs
4) Wayne Algenio 1.25

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In a pregame event for the 2012 Music City Bowl, Vanderbilt lineman Adam Butler accused members of the NC State Wolfpack of cheating in a rib eating contest. Butler's combative attitude impressed the defensive coaching staff, which led to a position change to the defensive line. Today, those two teams will face off in the Camping World Independence Bowl in Shreveport, LA.
Jack Brown's Beer & Burger Joint announces that Chip "Burger" Simpson set a record for its challenge with a total of 18 burgers. He has been minimally active in competitive eating since leaving MLE in 2007 after attaining a Nathan's personal best of 39.5 burgers.
Molly Schuyler, Bob Shoudt, Dave Brunelli and Wayne Algenio are expected to compete in the Music City Bowl hot chicken eating contest in Nashville on December 29.
Ethan Teske posted to Piranha's facebook page that he completed the cheesesteak challenge at the Nashville restaurant, but did not receive the $100 prize a manager said was awarded to finishers.

Rib contest complaint results in football position change

The Tennessean has a report on how Vanderbilt lineman Adam Butler credits his grievances at a rib eating contest held at the 2012 Music City Bowl for his switch from offense to defense. His coaches thought his complaints about his opposition from North Carolina State cheating showed a combative nature.

“For some reason, the judge voted that we lost the rib-eating contest, and I stood up and argued with the judge,” Butler said. “(The judges) were counting the bones. But (North Carolina State players) had ribs on their plate that didn’t have a bone in it, which means they just took the bones out of the ribs and threw them in the tub.”


Nashville will hold the Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl Hot Chicken Eating World Championships on December 29. Comment on the bowl's facebook page to get a spot in the contest.

2016 Nathan’s Nashville qualifier

Results from the first qualifier in the 2016-17 Nathan’s circuit: Part 1 | Part 2

1 Brian Dudzinksi 27.5
2 Badlands Booker 25.5, takes wild card lead
3 Nate Biller 18

1) Liz McClurg 9.5
2) Taylor Coombs 8.5, takes wild card lead
3) Noelle Morgan 8, thinks she had 8.5

Comments (39) has an article about Ethan Teske competing in Tuesday's Nathan's qualifier in Nashville.
Registration is now open for the first Nathan's qualifier in the 2016-17 circuit at Tootsie's Orchid Lounge in Nashville on October 11.
The Music City Hot Wing Festival will hold a hot wing eating contest Saturday in Nashville awarding $250 to the winner.
Randy Santel has uploaded a video recorded at the Pied Piper in Nashville in October where he and Olivia Ragni completed the breakfast challenge.
A 12 pound "Smashville" burger will be available at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville for the NHL All-Star weekend on January 30 and 31. The burger has impaled hot dogs as a topping.

Dave Brunelli wins Music City Bowl hot chicken contest

update Dec 31 Kyle Hanner video Naader Reda video (introductions)

Naader Reda has the top 3
1) Dave Brunelli 3 plates & 3 pieces
2) Naader Reda 2 plates & 2 pieces
3) Kyle Hanner 2 plates

Matthew Chang also competed and says he finished 4th

There was one reversal.

Dave Brunelli has been announced as the winner

It does not appear that defending champ Molly Schuyler was in attendance.

Comments (12) reports the Louisville Cardinals defeated Texas A & M in the hot chicken eating contest for Music City Bowl teams in Nashville. The professional hot chicken eating contest will be held on Tuesday.
Defending champion Molly Schuyler, Dave Brunelli and Naader Reda are expected to compete in the Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl World Hot Chicken Championship in Nashville on December 29. There will also be a contest for amateurs before the professional competition.

2015-16 Nashville Nathan’s qualifier

update Oct 22 The name of the female winner was Noelle Morgann

results Part 1 | Part 2

1st 24 Brian “Dud Light” Dudzinski
2nd 23 Ronnie “MegaByte” Hartman
3rd 19 Pedram “The Punisher” Esmaeelzadeh
4th 17.5 Crazy Legs Conti
5th 16 “Nasty” Nathan Biller
6th 14 Frank “the Kaiser” Wach
7th 13 Matthew Raible
8th 11.5 Stephen Underwood
9th 8 Alex “Moose” Perez
1st 6.5 Mrs. Dudzinski no first name given
2nd 6 Taylor Coombs

Brian Dudzinksi, Crazy Legs Conti, Nate Biller, Ronnie Hartman and Matt Raible are expected to compete. Taylor Coombs will hopefully prevent a repeat of the spring Nashville qualifier where no preregistered females showed up and a walkon won by default.

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Randy Santel and Olivia Ragni finished the breakfast challenge at the Pied Piper Eatery in Nashville yesterday.
The All Pro Eating calendar has been updated with the Bierhaus bratwurst eating contest in New York City on November 14 and the Music City Bowl hot chicken eating contest on December 29. The website also moved Stephanie Torres from the top 15 to its All Stars page. (via Stephanie Wu)
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