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A Hamburger Today has a blog entry about the Kookamonga challenge burger offered by Kooky Canuck in Memphis.
The facebook for Kooky Canuck announces that the 12 pound King Kookamonga burger was completed in under an hour for the first time by two customers last night.

Brittany Albrecht attempts Kookamonga challenge

Brittany Albrect has a blog entry about her attempt at the Kookamonga burger challenge at Kooky Canuck’s in Memphis in which she ate more of the 7.5 pound burger than any previous female challenger (and more than Adam Richman did in the Memphis episode of Man vs. Food as well).

update Feb 14 Brittany has competed in three bodybuilding contests (Perhaps she could become the female “Furious” Pete)


Greg Albrect is uploading pictures of Brit's attempt to be the first female finisher of the Kookamonga challenge at Kooky Canuck's in Memphis. update Brittany says she did not complete the burger but the restaurant staff told her she came closer to finishing that any previous female and that she ate more than Adam Richman did when he recorded an episode of Man vs. Food
Rachel Cooper is in Memphis this evening attempting to become the first woman to complete the 7 pound Kookamonga challenge burger at the Kooky Canuck.
Kooky Canuck (formerly the Big Foot Lodge) now has a King Kookamonga burger challenge weighing 12 pounds, which is free if completed by a team of 2 diners in less than an hour. A video of the first customers to order the burger is available.
Pat Bertoletti has posted a blog entry to his Yard Barker blog about breaking the Kookamonga (Sasquatch) burger record at the Kooky Canuck in Memphis.
(From kookycanuck twitter) Youtube has a video of Pat Bertoletti breaking the 7.5 lb. Kookamonga burger challenge record. update KookyCanuck.com has a gallery.

Pat Bertoletti breaks Kookamonga burger challenge record

The twitter for Kooky Kanuck (formerly Big Foot Lodge) reports that Pat Bertoletti will attempt the Kookamonga (formerly Sasquatch) burger challenge tonight at 8 pm (9 pm eastern). After completing the burger, he will attempt the 18 scoop Avalanche sundae.

update The Kooky Canuck twitter reports that Pat Bertoletti finished his Kookamonga burger in 7 minutes and 15 seconds, breaking Joey Chestnut’s previous record by 21 seconds.

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Pat Bertoletti to do Kookamunga Challenge March 20

The twitter for KookyCanuck reports that Pat Bertoletti will attempt to break Joey Chestnut’s record of 7:36 for the Kookamunga Challenge on March 20.

The Memphis restaurant is also developing a 12 pound burger and a burger with pizzas as buns.

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Big Foot Lodge (TN) changes name to Kooky Canuck

The Memphis Business Journal reports that The Big Foot Lodge in Tennessee has changed its name to Kooky Canuck to settle a lawsuit from a California restaurant with the same name. The Sasquatch Burger challenge has been renamed to the Kookamunga Challenge.

The restaurant’s website has been redesigned and the URL has changed to KookyCanuck.com from eatatbigfoot.com

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Information about December 3 “Man vs. Food” restaurants

Here is some additional information about the challenges featured in the Man vs. Food episodes which debuted on December 3:

Big Texan Steak Ranch 72 ounce steak Amarillo, Texas

Big Foot Lodge Sasquatch Burger Memphis, TN

update Dec 22, 2008 The Big Foot Lodge changed its name to Kooky Canuck and its challenge burger is now called the Kookamunga Challenge to settle a lawsuit with a California restaurant

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Man vs. Food on Travel Channel Dec 3

(From Kevin Ross email) A web page has been set up for the Travel Channel series Man vs. Food. The program will feature Adam Richman traveling around the country to attempt restaurants’ eating challenges. The first two episodes will be televised on December 3 and the locations will be Amarillo, Texas (Big Texan Steak Ranch) and Memphis (The Big Foot Lodge). A list of all locations is available on the website.

Earlier this year, a producer placed a casting call on eatfeats for a host for the show.

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Jeremy Payne completes Sasquatch burger challenge

CommercialAppeal.com reports that Jeremy Payne finished a Sasquatch burger from the Big Foot Lodge in Memphis in 53 minutes earlier this month, becoming the second person to complete the burger in under an hour. Pat Bertoletti completed the sandwich in 11 minutes in January 2007. The listed total weight of the burger is 7.5 pounds.

update Joey Chestnut became the third person to complete the challenge on March 23 and is the current record holder with a time of 7 minutes and 36 seconds.

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Pat Bertoletti finishes Sasquatch burger


The Memphis Flyer reports that Pat Bertoletti was the first person to finish the 7 pound (4 lb of meat) Sasquatch burger at the Big Foot Lodge in Memphis. Pat stopped at the Big Foot Lodge on his way to New Orleans to break the Acme Oyster House record and his time of 11:05 is less than 1/5 of the hour allowed.

The burger in the “Big Burger Girl” picture (from a July post) is most likely a Sasquatch burger because the picture is tagged with “Memphis” The photographer claims the unknown trencherwomen finished her burger in the picture comments, but this would not count because it took place outside the restaurant.

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Unknown Big Burger Girl

Kate Stelnick and Lori Weiss might have a possible rival on the horizon. BullyRook has a picture of an unnamed woman (who looks a little like Mandy Moore) holding a four pound burger (I am not sure if this is the meat weight or total weight) which he claims she consumed without assistance (but he did not witness her finish it). The restaurant is not named either.

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