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big bowl Pho King Challenge Pho Me Vietnamese Noodle Bar Tallahassee, FL
3.5 lb burger Ultimate Burger Challenge Wells Brothers Bar and Grill Tallahassee, FL challenge burger size increase by 8 oz when completed
spicy pizza slice Flamethrower Pizza Stevi B's Pizza Tallahassee, FL
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A banana eating contest was held today during an economics class at Florida State University (nine tweets about contest). The competition awarded extra credit to the winner.
Spicy RV has a series of entries about an attempt at the Flamethrower Pizza at Stevi B's in Tallahassee Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3. They received a response from Adam Richman after claiming that the Man vs. Food host declined an attempt at the pizza.

Key Lime Pie contest video

youtube has a clip of the goldenpalace.net key lime pie contest won by Pat Bertoletti held in panama city beach, FL last March at http://youtube.com/watch?v=LW9S0z_jF6Q

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More Apalachicola oyster results

EmeraldCoast.com has more on the Apalachicola Oyster Festival. The women’s & overall winner, Mel Tyler, has a married daughter.


Apalachicola oyster results

Tallahassee.com has a report on the Apalachicola (Florida) Oyster Festival with results for the oyster contests. Separate contests for men and women were held, and a woman Mel Tyler had the best overall performance with 196 oysters eaten in twelve minutes. Hyer Dement won the men’s contest with 190 oysters.

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goldenpalaceevents.com key lime pie gallery

goldenpalaceevents.com has a gallery of the Key Lime Pie eating contest at Panama City Beach held during spring break. I think most of the pictures are from the amateur contest held the day before the contest won by Pat Bertoletti because I do not recognize the majority of the contestants. Several females competed in the amateur contest and apparently did reasonably well judging by the post-contest pictures.


Panama City Beach Key Lime Pie gallery

Larry McNeil has a gallery of pictures from the goldenpalace.net Key Lime Pie eating contest from Panama City Beach in Florida on the buffet message board. The contest was right on the beach.

Eric Broe, the 3rd place finisher at that contest (and winner of the amateur event) played football at Florida State University. It is not clear if Broe has retired due to injuries or if he is still a member of the team. Broe is a computer science major.


Pat Bertoletti wins Panama City Beach Key Lime Pie contest

From IFOCE.com Pat Bertoletti won his second contest in five days at the GoldenPalace.net World Key Lime Pie-Eating Championship. Bertoletti consumed 10.8 pounds of pie in 8 minutes. Tim Janus was the runner-up. Eric Broe, winner of yesterday’s contest for college students only, took third place ahead of Hall Hunt and Crazy Legs Conti.

The IFOCE press release mentions the contest as part of the GoldenPalace.net World Series of Competitive Eating, so the World Series is a term used to describe goldenpalace sponsored contests and not a new event.

Spring Fling Contests for jalapeno popper eating will be held in Tuscon, Arizona on April 7 and 8. Like the Spring Break contests, the earlier event will be open only to college students.

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Collegiate Spring Break contests added

IFOCE.com announced that goldenpalace.net will sponsor two eating contests open only to college students that will be held at the Spring Break destinations of South Padre Island, TX and Panama City Beach, FL. The food item and duration have not yet been determined, but the first place prize will be $1000. If graduate students are allowed entrance, Hall Hunt will be the probable favorite for the Florida contest if Joey Chestnut and Pat Bertoletti stay at home. Contests at other Spring Break destinations are expected.