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Three random Carbondale eating challenges
30 in pizza 30 Inch Pizza The Palace Pizzeria Cobden, IL for 2 person teams
18 in pizza Party Pizza Challenge Jordo's Pizza Anna, IL
32 in pizza 32 Inch Pizza The Palace Pizzeria Cobden, IL for 2 person teams
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The Southern has a report on a dog food contest for humans held to benefit the Humane Society of Southern Illinois and Perry County Humane Society in Carbondale, IL.
ValBromann has posted a blog entry and gallery about her trip to Metropolis, Illinois for the ice cream eating contest.
Pat Bertoletti has uploaded a video of Saturday's ice cream eating contest at Harrah's casino in Metropolis, IL.

Silly America: Metropolis ice cream – Pat B 1, Sonya 2, Erik D 3, Nate B 4

update #3 Times updated with values from MLE facebook page

update #2 Erik Denmark has the top 4 finishing times – (contest has a fixed amount of 6 lb. ice cream)
1 Pat Bertoletti 46 seconds
2 Sonya Thomas 1:10
3 Erik Denmark 1:12
4 Nate Biller 2:20

update results from Silly America / Val Bromann: Pat first sonya second eric third nate fourth

Val Bromann got up early to drive to the Harrah’s casino in Metropolis, IL and will post results on
might also have results

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WSILTV video: Patrick Berteli [sic] and Sonya (no last name given) will compete in the Dippin Dots eating contest on Saturday at the Harrah's casino in Metropolis, Illinois.

IFOCE Metropolis, IL Dippin Dots Championship May 2

From crawfish twitter: announces that a Dippin’ Dots eating contest will be held at the Harrah’s Metropolis (Southern Illinois) Casino & Hotel on May 2. Registration is now open.

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