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Three random Columbia eating challenges
patties Patty Record The Diner Denmark, SC
1 lb. burger Lowcountry Pounder Challenge Pawleys Front Porch Columbia, SC
4 sandwiches The Tin Roof Challenge The Tin Roof sandwiches are grilled chicken, peanut butter, honey includes 32oz. milk - locations in Nashville, Lexington, KY, Columbia, SC Knoxville, Birmingham, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Louisville, Cincinnati & Charlottte
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Ginormous Food will record at three Atlanta area restaurants next week from February 28 to March 2. update Columbia, Charleston and Jacksonville will also be visited.
Aiken Standard reports Dylan Davidson won $750 at a contest held at the Chitlin Strut in Salley, SC.

Dale Boone wins Chitlin Strut contest

The Aiken Standard reports that Dale Boone won the eating contest held at the Chitlin Strut in Salley, SC. Dylan Davidson was second. update The Augusta Chronicle has an article reporting that Dale Boone claims to have just returned from a cobra eating contest in Bangalore, India.

update #2 Jamie Brinck has a contest video

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The Aiken Standard has a preview of Saturday's WLOCE contest at the Chitlin' Strut Festival in Salley, SC listing Dale Boone, Bubba Yarbrough, Suzanne French, Jason Skrzypek and Larry McNeil as expected entrants.

Columbia, SC area eating challenges

The University of South Carolina has an article about restaurants in the Columbia, SC area that have eating challenges or contests. The article describes an attempt to break The Whig’s 40 taco record held by Joseph Tolbert:

Self-proclaimed taco-lover Patti Carson aspires to surpass Tolbert’s record some day.

“I’m positive that I have a chance,” 28-year-old Carson said.

She gave it a try earlier this year and managed to eat 24 tacos, 16 shy of Tolbert’s record.

She said she had trained by eating loads of hamburgers, cheeseburgers and eggplant parmesan the week before her attempt. She even created jerseys and foam fingers for her friends reading “Team Taco,” and crafted a homemade taco-shaped hat for herself. She is commonly referred to at The Whig as the “Taco Mascot.”


Carolina chicken strips & pickle contests added

(from “the Hangman”) Two contests have been added to the World Series of Competitive Eating:

Oct 13 fried chicken strips, South Carolina State Fair, Columbia, SC
Oct 16 pickles, North Carolina State Fair, Raleigh, NC

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SoCar grilled cheese results

Thanks to Bubba Yarbrough

Eric “Badlands” Booker: 24.5 grilled Cheese, Copaigue, NY
Hall “Pretty Boy” Hunt: 17, Orange Park, FL
Don “Sugar Bear” Schaeffer 13, Myrtle Beach, SC
Loren “Bubba” Yarbrough 12.5, Newnan, GA
Larry “The Legend” McNeil 12.5, Atlanta, GA

Congratulation to Badlands Booker whose 24.5 sandwiches is the second best so far on the qualifying circuit. Booker’s victory makes the NC contest appear to be rather wide open, with Joe LaRue the highest ranked eater currently expected to attend.

Update 10/15 8:31 pm WLTX has an article and a video clip about the contest

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